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Yeah, I know it's been a few days since I posted here - I have been busy and just posting on one blog was more than enough.

I'm still mulling the situation with Michael. I haven't seen him in going on 3 weeks now - and no, I didn't kick him out - but the info that came my way yesterday, though not surprising was still disturbing to me. He's basically fallen into the ways of the rest of his family. He's not going to school at all now and he's smoking weed all day long - just like the rest of them. It will not surprise me to eventually hear of him getting into trouble for stealing of some sort.

It's disturbing in that he's been living with me for 5 years now - a few stints here and there where he left to be at home for a short period of time - but this time, not even a goodbye. Just leave and act is if none of us ever existed. It's not just me, either, it's his friends in the neighborhood as well. I will not, however, have him showing…