Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tenant Issues

What else is new.

The older gent informed me today he needs to move out at the end of the month because of a situation with his daughter. She is renting an apartment, the lease isn't completed for a while and her roommate lost his job, meaning he has to move out and - no-one to pay the other half of the rent bill.

So he's moving in with her to help her out. Well what am I going to say, well gee dude, that's really rank of you? No, no big deal, thanks for letting me know far enough in advance to hopefully get someone else in here. Not really looking forward to having to have yet another person move out and potentially another move in, but that's life right now.

Though, it may very real be searching for 2 more tenants. I left the "non-paying-tenant-who-has-partially-paid" another 5-day notice. Today, he came in and walked by me without speaking a word. Indeed.

I got my bonus today - almost $450 after taxes - it will help me keep up with all of the mess I am going through now. Yup - a bonus that is going to help shore up the eaves, not for doing whatever I want with it. Sucks in one sense, in another, wonderful that I have got a bonus to begin with.

Non-paying tenant is in "his" room - did not address me about the notice and therefore - I assume that eviction process will have to go into full swing.

So - today I was feeling very good - dunno why, but I'll take it. I mean, REALLY good. Non-paying tenants aside and tenants moving out - this is a factor I will be dealing with as long as I have tenants - it was a good and very busy day.

I was at a jobsite today - in the middle of a street, lol. Literally, they shut down the street to unload my truck. This was interesting - people aren't particularly happy about having to wait - yet, there are signs warning them of such well in advance. Still, you don't have to figure to wait THAT long. The City of Mesa is bent on getting this project done and behind them - this particular situation made all the local news media when it first began and I'm sure they'd like to get the attention off of that situation.

But I'm tired now. I have spent considerable time dealing with the Walmart situation after work concluded today and it isn't over yet. In fact, I may just escalate this situation to an entirely new level if it continues.

I have other things to report, the Walmart scenario - all of it for today's adventure - is on the other blog. Perhaps I'll just copy and paste that into an entry over here.

Anyways, Ava' g'nite and c'ya later!

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