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Things Of Various Nature

I got my carpet cleaning machine - but not free. No big deal, I got it for almost half off. Not a bad deal considering I still have some Christmas money from my mother to deal with. She has a set amount of money for each of her 3 boys to spend on Christmas - and I'm guessing they buy their own present as well, but don't quote me on that. I have no clue, really, what or how she deals with my brothers.

I finally have a date set for Saturday morning at a Starbucks in the west valley with a 'gorgeous' blonde, she quotes herself being as. Actually, I have seen her pic, she's not bad looking for a girl just a little less than my age. I'm amazed she is still making babies, though. But - if what she says is true - she's going for a doctorate's in an education degree and also works. Very admirable - again - if true. I have given up on formal education, the cost is prohibitive and the gains are not that much. Perhaps the gains would be significant if I…