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This Is What I Miss

I get a woman in the house - even if only for a few days, and here we are spending extreme amounts of time talking about anything and everything under the sun. I will never have a "relationship" with this person, but my gosh, is it not true that the quality of conversation escalates with a woman around versus another guy?

Yeah, well you arguably - could argue that - but it's my current take on it and I'm sticking with it.

You could say it's only because of your lack of such in your life - and arguably again - you could be right.

But I'm not arguing, I'm just sayin'.

And yes, my english and composition on many of my posts is reprehensible. I am well aware of the grammatical "errors" but - as with this kind of thing I do here - it's totally on purpose and it expresses the way I am wanting to "talk" while writing.

So there.

I do know, just from this limited experience going on here with this lady - that my life is ....... weaken…


So, I was looking at Duke - one of my Great Danes - a little while ago thinking he is taller than 31 inches at the nape of the neck. I measured him a while back but he wasn't standing fully erect. So, I got a hold of his head and got him standing erect - he's 33 inches! And he is ever gaining weight! I picked him up today, I'm guessing a minimum of 140 pounds. The dog is huge, is all I can say about that. Prince - my other Great Dane - is smaller than him and I think he is at 31 inches and probably 15 pounds lighter as well.

Umm, well whatever. I am going on a date in the morning and I hope it turns out at least something memorable if nothing else. As in, we find some kind of common ground to work with and not end up just leaving and saying goodbye and nothing else. I already have a head full of questions and such to talk about, talking is not a problem for me, I have the gift when I need it.

I don't think I posted here that Jeff - the non-paying tenant, left …