Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Prison Report

Anthony is in jail. Juvenile jail, but incarcerated none-the-less, and from what I am hearing, he's going to be there awhile.
I have no doubts that when he comes out, he will be WORSE than he went in. I don't wish that, of course, but I know this kid. Now, they are supposed to be trying to rehabilitate kids in those circumstances.

He will be forced to go to their version of school. If he start fights, he will get into worse trouble and will stay in there even longer. It COULD be a good thing, yes, but in his case, I have my doubts.

A review? Okay.
First, of course, Anthony already had a record. It started before he threw rocks at me and threw rocks at my windows, breaking them. He already had a warrant out for his arrest the day he did that. So, he went to jail, but only overnight.

Now, he goes to court for the vandalism and the assault done on me. Now he's got number 2 against him. He's on probation for that.

A while back, I get a letter in the mail that he's got a warrant out for his arrest. Okay, well I have no contact with him and don't want any. I figure - and stated at the time - it's only a matter of time before he's caught.

So how did he get caught? He broke into a house. Police come. He's running down an alley. Caught, jail, done, bye. I have no information after that, but it's obvious - he's a 3 time vandal, a judge probably isn't going to show leniency. So, he's caught burglarizing a house, he already has a warrant out for his arrest and he has a record.

This kind of math isn't very difficult to figure out.

Now, I find out, JD's younger brothers were also arrested a while back - in June to be precise. This didn't surprise me at all, but it did take a while for this information to get to me. I kicked all 3 of those boys - his younger brothers - out of here quite a long time ago for stealing from me and also didn't want them doing the pot and drug junk around here. I did ask JD - who is the straightest kid you will ever meet, trust me, I know this kid, he is NOTHING like his younger brothers - why he simply didn't kick all of his brother's @$$es and get them in line.

Well, he's not like that. He's not only straight as an arrow, he is totally non-violent. I have watched his brothers throwing rocks at him - HARD - and he did nothing to them. He is FAR and MUCH bigger than any of his brothers - but I commend the kid, I hope he goes far in life. He's over here all the time, and I do mean, quite frequently.

Okay, once a neighborhood kid that thought he was a bad-@$$ threatened one of his brothers and actually walked into their house to do the damage, and THAT was the only time I have ever known JD to get angry. He's one of those types of quiet people you don't WANT to get angry. You know what I mean? But it was a righteous anger in that case and he was ready to defend his brother and his home against this bully. I am very confident that this bully would have gotten his butt beaten to a pulp if he attempted to continue one with his crap that day. As it was, he stood down, I doubt he had ever seen JD like that, either.

Umm, well what did his brothers do? They were caught attempting to steal video games at Fry's Electronics only a mile down the road from here. Yes, well, that's smart. They have security, video-surveillance, all that fun stuff. See some kids walking in there acting suspicious? All over it, guaranteed. They were busted and put on house arrest for 2 weeks - that's the ankle electronic device and everything. They have stopped the drugs/pot because they are on probation and if they are caught with pot in their system, 2 months in Juvi. Nice.

I don't wonder that Michael's departure coincides with his older brother's arrest. His older brother was a pill to be around. However, Michael has TOTALLY disappeared, he didn't even bother to say goodbye, I'm moving home, I won't be seeing you anymore. He just left - and I'm at the point that he's burned his bridges with me.

Honestly? I don't miss him, either. In fact, my mind is totally consumed by this lady I met today. If I get to liking this lady and really get into this, you will find me devoting a LOT of thought and time to that particular endeavor and that endeavor alone. My son? Yes. My parents? Okay. Everyone else? Well I would never turn my back on my internet friends : ) But I might be absent and also absent-minded for a while : ) lol.

In fact, if love is in the air - which I hope it is, either now with this woman or eventually with someone else - it will require a totally new and different blog to "deal" with it. Knowing me, I will probably write in that blog FAR more than anything else, and it will be a revolving monotone of the same thing over and over and probably, people will "get it" and not read it very much, lol again.....and I won't care, lol thrice.

Ahhh, the prospect of a woman. Even if it doesn't go anywhere, just the thought of it and the idea that it MIGHT go somewhere is all-consuming. We were not meant, I have never believed, to live alone without the opposite sex. I have been doing that for 5 years, yes, and some people never hook up with anyone - yes, and sometimes it's a pain in the rear - yes for both genders - and you get your little spats going and things you don't agree on - yes - but - still.

I have to tell you I'm a little high off of today's meeting with her and subsequent emails. Hard to explain, I guess. I don't want to set myself up for a fall, but - I have let go sooner or later and let myself be exposed to the potential hurt and pain - it's a gamble, a roll of the dice. Not that I am going into any date with a lady with a non-committal attitude - it's just that there is always the potential for a let-down. I have been preparing myself for this for quite a while now. I hope I am ready, come-what-may.


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