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The Prison Report

Anthony is in jail. Juvenile jail, but incarcerated none-the-less, and from what I am hearing, he's going to be there awhile.
I have no doubts that when he comes out, he will be WORSE than he went in. I don't wish that, of course, but I know this kid. Now, they are supposed to be trying to rehabilitate kids in those circumstances.

He will be forced to go to their version of school. If he start fights, he will get into worse trouble and will stay in there even longer. It COULD be a good thing, yes, but in his case, I have my doubts.

A review? Okay.
First, of course, Anthony already had a record. It started before he threw rocks at me and threw rocks at my windows, breaking them. He already had a warrant out for his arrest the day he did that. So, he went to jail, but only overnight.

Now, he goes to court for the vandalism and the assault done on me. Now he's got number 2 against him. He's on probation for that.

A while back, I get a letter in the mail that he…