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Abuses From Aaron Rents

Folks, it is unfathomable to me why anyone - a customer of Aaron Rents in this case - to put up with any kind of abusive speech from it's employees either calling you on the phone, or visiting you at your doorstep. Being late on a payment does not give a company the right to demoralize you, insult you on the phone, or worse, threaten you in person.

I was once customer of Aaron Rents. I rented-to-own a large-screen TV that - ended up burning up into a small, dense piece of plastic when my house burned down. Ummm, I had just gotten done paying that TV off when that happened, not a pleasant experience, but then again, a house fire is probably not most people's first choice of a great time.

Anyway, I was late several times on payments. I unabashedly admit this. Paychecks didn't always coincide with payment dates. I always made the payment - within 5 days of due date - but certainly not all of my payments were on time.

One day I was working on my yard in front of my house. A…

Obnoxiously Slow

I have decided to alter my plans a bit on the east side of the property. I originally wanted it lined with evergreens - but as in their name, they take forever to actually grow!!! I've had a small one in the ground for a year now and that thing has barely grown at all - that with frequent waterings and Miraclo Gro applications.

The nursery that is going out of business where I bought the Sissoo's has an ad still up on Craigslist saying that they are doing the last few weeks of the sale and then - bye bye. They are practically giving these trees away now. I can plant 7 or more of those trees over there and eventually this place will look like a Sissoo tree farm. Excepting I'll be loving it, of course, provided I'm still living here.

My battles to keep tenants in this place are seemingly never-ending. The economy is dictating people moving around for various reasons - jobs/family/whatever the case may be. I have to be able to deal with this factor, yes, but - it g…


I would really like to do another neighborhood type of BBQ/party. The last one drew a large number of people from around the community and it was a good time. Some people just wanted to complain about everything under the sun - granted. There are always people like that, they must be bored, lonely - whatever in life because there are a lot of better things I can think of to do than sit around whining all day long. It serves no purpose. To MAKE it serve a purpose, go out and DO something about that of which you are complaining about.

It is still too hot, IMO, to do any kind of party like that. It is still getting very warm during the afternoons in the direct sunlight and I think something like that is better off waiting. I will say that I have a freezer full of chicken and beef - and brats now that I think about it - Fry's was getting rid of a bunch of packages of it for cheap a while back cause the due date was 2 days off - I bought all of them and dumped them into my free…