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I'm again tired. I simply haven't been sleeping well. 3 to 5 hours of solid sleep and then I wake up at night and it usually takes a long time to get back to sleep -some night I never do.

As always, there never seems to be a lapse in the constant whirl of things going on around here and in my life. If there is a lapse, it is so temporal in terms of length of time it is as if it is non-existent.

I have asked the title company 3 times now to send me the information I need - interest payments on the mortgage. The lady has said she has twice sent it. I have not received it, I have no idea WHERE she is sending it, but I fear the IRS is going to do my taxes for me, so, I guess I will just have to GO there this week and get the information in-person. Unless they will fax it to me, then I can have it in minutes.

I still have not heard back from the lady and I wonder if she is bugging out at this point. I sent her 2 emails of which she has not replied to. I suppose I should w…


So, the lady that's here for a week - will be gone by the time I get home. She was pretty fun to talk to it was nice having the female side of things around. Meanwhile, another person showed up yesterday to discuss moving in. This conversation went on for almost 2 hours as this guy apparently wanted to talk - and talk - and talk.

Which is a good thing at the initial "interview" process - the more a person talks, the better glimpse of who that person really is - is displayed. The talking wenting into OT when the last-remaining tenant came out and these 2 apparently hit it off. I guess it's always a good thing to have tenants liking each other versus the hate factor I have seen in my house a few times now.

Well, I have a potential - and yet another - tenant. He has a friend where the 2 have been wanting to move in together for some time - allegedly - the eggs haven't hatched yet, there aren't any green chickens running around, I'll just wait and see -…