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Hoover Steam Vac With Clean Surge

I'm going to give this carpent cleaning machine 2 big thumb's up/kudos/my endorsement. Oh, my endorsement isn't worth that much - but still.
THIS machine worked, the first one didn't. The brushes weren't turning and - a carpet cleaning machine is pretty much worthless without spinning/revolving brushes. I have no idea what was wrong with the first one.

Anyway, I did a very high traffic area of carpet where dogs and humans go through frequently. Pass after pass it was extracting dirt from the carpet. I just cleaned this carpet not that long ago, I was a bit amazed at how dirty it had gotten so quickly. As far as I'm concerned, this machine is as good or even better than the Rug Doctor and I will not be renting one of those machines again.

The guys are done with the trenching and I have started laying pipe. Not in a huge hurry, but wanted to get the pipe laid next to the trees because they exposed some roots in the dig - it's all done now, covered up…

Saturday - Fry's Food Stores Piss Poor Customer Service

Well, sometimes I get to neglecting this blog and it's just the way it goes.
I figured to start labelling my blogs when I write about a company's bad service so people from all over the place can read about it : )

I wrote about this in the other blog, but I didn't title it this way and I want an entry that has it in the title.

So, I was at Fry's yesterday. That's Fry's Food Stores for the consumer. I didn't really buy that much stuff - wandering around the store, looking at all the police officers that were there because of a shoplifter who was tackled to the floor by three guys - BUSTED!!! The guy was already gone, the officers were taking statements from witnesses and from the people that were involved in detaining the dude, who was attempting to non-chalantly walk out of the store with a big bottle of Jim Beam (alcohol, whiskey I believe).

I get to the checkout and my purchases are rung up. One item comes up at $9.99 - when it should have run up at …