Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have always wondered, ever since these little devices came out, on the market and people started using them, if there aren't some potential harmful side effects to your brain from having them crammed up against your head for extended periods of time.

Now, I am reading an article about cellphones potentially causing brain tumors. I used to talk on the cellphone quite a lot when I was a Little League board member and was getting calls - dozens and dozens of them per day - about the league. Same was true with when I was the president of the homeowner's assocation. When I got out of those two extremely time-consuming commitments (don't regret my departure from either of them) I also got away from excessive cell-phone use.

This is a topic of interest to me - whether cellphones can harm you in some way - that has been riding around synpses in my brain for quite a long time now. I will be very interested to see what becomes of this research and what might be done about it - if anything. I mean, let's just say this research is black and white truth: the use of cellphones over an extended period of time - over 10 years I think it said - will cause brain tumors. How many people are using cellphones nowadays? Hundreds of millions? Over a billion? Dunno, but that's a LOT of health problems coming to surface if this eventually becomes a reality.

Another thing I have always wondered is the use of these radars to catch speeders. The east valley is littered with permanent versions of them now all over the place. We're being bombarded every day by all kinds of "things" that are invisible, we don't even know it, and yet - I definitely have some ill ease about what those little particles might be doing to our bodies and the functioning thereof. It would be nice if I could move to a log cabin up in the mountains, retire and get away from most of this stuff -but that simply isn't in the cards right now.

Well enough of the speculation. The day is wasting away - it's already 8 am and I have accomplished nothing - so I'm going to get off of this contraption called a computer that allows me to connect with people I have never met that live all over the world and get moving with it.

Have a great day!

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