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..........showed up some 45 minutes ago.
Haven't seen him in what, a month and a half?
I had all of these thoughts in that interim that he was gone forever, that I wouldn't have to deal with him coming back and so, I let my guard down, I guess.
He had a big, huge and very disarming smile on his face.

There is a passage of scripture in the Bible that says "love covers a multitude of sins". I just couldn't find it within me to do any of the things that I had thought of doing after he left - without notice - and just disappeared out of our lives. I guess that's what happens when someone lives with you for 5 years, especially if it's a kid - even if not related to you in any way, shape or form.

If Anthony ever showed up like that here, well, it would be a totally different story. Remember that I threw him out of here, he did not leave of his own accord. Not to mention the vandalism and the theft. I would call the police, actually.

Anyway, that's all I c…

Blog Posting

There are times when I sort of phase out of blogging and end up taking several days off or even a few weeks of slowed entries. I am in the middle of one of those phases. It's not that I don't have anything to write about - there are ample subjects going on concurrently in my life at this particular moment in time that make for sufficient writing material.

I just start getting burned out on it and then I realize I better slow down for a little while or real burn-out will occur and I won't write ANYTHING for a long, long time. I am not going away, I have just slowed my entries on both blogs. No big deal. I have other things I am focusing my attention on as well.

Probably something to do with it are money worries - 1 tenant leaving in the next few days, the temporary tenant not staying long - he found a house and is discussing with the owners about renting it and bringing his entire family out here versus having 2 residences, one in Texas and one in Arizona. Judging f…