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I'm not going to do 2 trips on a delivery if I don't have to.
For Monday, there is a large delivery with a lot of pipe. It isn't the weight of the load that was confounding me this afternoon - the total payload weight is only 36,000 pounds. My truck and trailer gross vehicle weight is 26,600 pounds, giving a total payload of 53,400 pounds (you could also call it net weight).

The point is that there are 2 different types of pipe that I had to load on the truck - that have different loading parameters and attempting to get that much pipe on a truck in that configuration? I loaded and unloaded pipe 3 times before I figured out how to get it all on there.

Further point is that I love a challenge, especially when loading trucks and attempting to figure out how to get all kinds of different product safely loaded onto one 48 foot long flatbed trailer and see a satisfactory result.

My problem is when it comes to loading a truck, I'm purely a perfectionist. The pipe has t…


Otherwise known as make or break day for companies like mine. Get whatever product that can be delivered out and get the numbers on the books.
Only one delivery in our system, however - but there is allegedly about 50,000 pounds worth of pipe to pick up.

I have heard nothing back from the insurance company. Which isn't totally surprising, but I do want to get my car fixed - any day now would be good. I'm sure their final outcome is going to be a negative one towards me, and I'm just as sure that I will be spending a great deal of time "talking" with individuals from that company until I am, if nothing else, sure that I least made an attempt to correct the problem - which is having an at-fault accident on my record, as they have already stated they were going to publish it as.

The temporary tenant has found a very nice house on a lake in Glendale for $1,000 per month and is leaving. Actually, he's flying back home to be with one of his sons for his birthday…