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The car-selling neighbor got a new dog. He's infatuated with German Shepherds. Shepherds like to bark. THis morning at 6:00am, that dog was on the hill in the back of my neighbor's house looking over both my fence and the neighbor behind me. It was barking incessantly. I went out there and told it to shut up - which it did until I went back inside and then it started all over again. Put my shoes on, went back out but by then, my neighbor had finally call the dog in. I was going to blast it with that noise making thing and if that didn't do it, spray it with cold water.

Meanwhile, I'm battling a losing war with my dogs peeing all over the living room when I'm gone. That's what Mimi's legacy will be her - her dog peeing everywhere and now my dogs peeing all over it. The dogs are now banished to the great outdoors when I leave for work - or anywhere else for that matter. I just spent another hour with my new carpet cleaning machine getting that stuf…