Sunday, November 1, 2009


The car-selling neighbor got a new dog. He's infatuated with German Shepherds. Shepherds like to bark. THis morning at 6:00am, that dog was on the hill in the back of my neighbor's house looking over both my fence and the neighbor behind me. It was barking incessantly. I went out there and told it to shut up - which it did until I went back inside and then it started all over again. Put my shoes on, went back out but by then, my neighbor had finally call the dog in. I was going to blast it with that noise making thing and if that didn't do it, spray it with cold water.

Meanwhile, I'm battling a losing war with my dogs peeing all over the living room when I'm gone. That's what Mimi's legacy will be her - her dog peeing everywhere and now my dogs peeing all over it. The dogs are now banished to the great outdoors when I leave for work - or anywhere else for that matter. I just spent another hour with my new carpet cleaning machine getting that stuff up and out of the carpet. None-too-happy about it, I brought each of the Danes over, stuck their nose in where one of them had freshly pissed while I went to the store this morning, snapped them both while their snouts were in the piss and now? They can spend this beautiful day outside. All of that is cleaned up and I bought some stuff from Walmart to allegedly get the smell out permanently so they won't continue to pee in those areas.

We'll see about that. I'm still going to just keep them outside during the day when at work. The doggy door is closable, it has a solid piece of plastic you can slide down into it that keeps them from coming or going out, whichever you're trying to accomplish.

My trip to Walmart was spurred by the need for a pair of steel-toed boots. I just dont have $120 right now to buy a good pair from Red Wing or Iron Age. Both of those companies have excellent, comfortable boots that last at least a year. I figure this Walmart stuff will last 3 months if I'm lucky, but I have no choice right now. I have to have steel-toed boots for work. I had no sour incidences today at Walmart and neither was I looking for any.

Now that I have all of that finished, I'm headed to the great outdoors myself to continue one with laying the drip system piping and getting the dirt back over top of it so I can do something else. I'm kinda wanting to get the jist of this project over with and leave me with only having to put the emitters on the small tubing and finish the manifolds. Fortunately, the water usage has decreased dramatically to the point I don't have to water everything every day. There are some things I am watering every day, yes, just to keep the amazing growth of them going - mainly the Sissoo trees - but much of everything else is getting less water.

The new tenant is - here - but is in his room and haven't seen him since yesterday afternoon. His friends came over while he wasn't here - I agreed to it only because he had to be out of the place they were at by sometime yesterday - and finished moving his stuff in. I talked at length with them since they wanted to visit with the Danes - I'm getting the feeling these guys - all of them - are gay. I'm neither a gay hater or basher, at the same time, I really don't think I want that kind of "activity" going on in my house. I'm not SURE they're gay, I'm just getting the feeling from the way they are talking - the guesstures, how they stand - a lot of tell-tale signs that alone mean nothing but when combined together with enough other signs - probably my guess is right. Another interesting story of renting rooms, if this is true, you'll probably be seeing some rather interesting reading material from me on here.

The temp tenant called today - from Texas - saying his house wasn't ready to move in yet, could he stay another night when he gets back today? He's flying back. He offered another $25 for the extra night, of which I immediately agreed to. I don't have the room rented - yet - any money I can get from it, even one night's worth, I'll take. I responded to everyone that called or emailed yesterday and the day before, this guy that moved in is the only one that actually showed up. I take it back, there is a guy that wants to come over today or tomorrow. Have to be tomorrow if they're looking to move right away, I can't rent out a room that has someone else's stuff in there. I had thought the temp tenant had taken all of his things out of the room and had only left his trailer, I was wrong. I went into his room - he has a room full of stuff in there. An amazing amount, really, I had no idea he had brought so much stuff into the house. Very organized individual, makes very good money, too. Those are the kinds of people you will never be able to keep as tenants - they are only using a place like mine to stay at until they find their own place.

So, the search continues and I am going to be writing another CL ad here in a few minutes. The stuff I bought from Walmart to eliminate urine smell from carpet has a very pleasant odor to it - it's filling the entire living room and kithcen. The dogs will not be coming in here until that is all dried up, as the directions say. Then, smell the area and see if you can detect any odor. Unfortunately, my nose isn't near as good as a dog's and I'm simply considering treating all areas twice.

Nothing else, really. I did almost all of my weekend cleaning yesterday since I was having potential renters over and - I don't really know if a clean house had any effect on this new renter or not - but I like to have a clean house regardless so it's time well spent.

Oh, I've found the culprit - one of the smoke detectors in my house goes off frequently - at night especially - when there's nothing smoking - nothing being cooked. It just goes off. I assume a defective detector and have bought a new one to replace it. There isn't anything that currently goes on around here that is more annoying than having a very loud, high-pitched/shrill noise going off in your bedroom.

Anyway, I better get to getting, I have plenty I want to get done today and the clock hasn't stopped ticking for me.
C'yall later.

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