Wednesday, November 4, 2009


A very long day preceded by a rather sleepless night. I kept having some pretty nightmarish types of dreams and kept waking up. I mean, some bad stuff. I dunno what's going on in my life right now besides all the normal chaos, but it isn't exactly pleasant to have those types of dreams coming at you every time you go back to sleep.

The new tenant - is hardly ever here. I am wondering if he is just using this as a temp place to find something else. I have no clue. He works afternoons to late night doing pizza delivery runs. I have a few leads on the empty room - I'm not sure I want to wait for this guy who says he's coming Friday to leave a deposit to move in the next Friday. He has a LOT of issues in his life with his wife he is separating from and 3 kids. I don't want to continue to hear he is putting this off indefinitely.

I had mind to get some things done outside today, but I decided against doing anything but some light house-cleaning. Though, if I get a hankering, I might go out and dig some holes and plant some trees.

Really, I'm pretty out of it, I think I will keep this one short.

Take care.

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