Friday, November 20, 2009

Quest For New Washer/Dryer Set

My washing machine is going to take a dive any day now. It's making a noise so loud I have to shut the door on that room to keep it down and the thing is shaking the entire house, literally.

I was at Home Depot yesterday getting yet another doggie door - this is the 4th one I believe - on warranty. I have an arrangement I have set with myself now - all receipts go into the trunk of my car. I will not lose them there, they will not get sun-bleached in there and I can FIND what I am looking for in there. I take the doggie door back in it's original box - yes I keep boxes until I figure that a product is good and I won't need to be taking it back - with receipt, get my money back and then go get another one.
Well, I'm in there and conversing with the lady at the counter where I was returning the door about the service at Home Depot. An older lady chimes in that it's because they are working there - it was all good - but I was being serious. Every time I go in there I get a hello, how ya doin', stuff like that -whereas before, I would get glares, stares and jeers. We had a pleasant conversation that went well beyond the time of the refund - there was no-one else there to return anything so I wasn't holding up any line.

I leave and go back, find the exact same doggie door at the exact same price. The older lady happens to be walking by me at the back of the store while I'm walking past the washers and dryers, lusting after the front load deals. Those washers use less water, less electricity and are just plain beautiful. What I was astounded by was the price tag: $400 - down from $800. They are on sale. She stopped and we started talking again. She was trying to talk me into buying one - I was considering it, but not seriously. After that, a guy walks up and pleasantly tries to talk me into buying another one that's on sale for $300. It's smaller, but he says the only difference between the other one is that the smaller one goes up to Queen sized comforters and not King sized. I don't have a king sized bed and I don't want one. However and generally, I usually opt for the larger sizes because of tenants dumping huge loads into the machines.

I said thanks, can't really afford it and left. I considered asking my dad for a loan to get the washer only - my dryer is working perfectly, it's the washer that is nose-diving - but I opted against that. I don't want to abuse the priviledge simply because he is a giving man. I really tried to think of any way I could come up with that kind of money. In actuality, I HAVE the money to pay for it, I don't want to spend it. I have a small emergency fund going that I would like to keep intact. If/when the washer I have now stops working, then it's an emergency - but that doesn't equate to a $400 machine when I can find something like what I have now for $100 to $200. I'm just thinking these machines are better built and the reduced use of electricity and water would be a great plus.

So, anyway, today I went to Craigslist and started my normal lowballing. Offers up to half off of what the advertiser is asking. I usually get some interesting replies to my offers - today is no exception and no, I haven't had any takers yet. I am not at the emergency/desperation level yet, I can offer less money and see if someone is desperate. I did that with the set I have now - just patiently waited and I ended up with those machines for $100 for the pair. I have no been particularly happy with the washer - it can eat clothes and pull out threading - but as long as it works, I am content to not spend money on something else.

I can safely say that I have gotten my money's worth and 10 times that out of these machines. I'm not complaining - the amount of laundry being done for 4 separate parties in one house can be substantial. I am going to go around Google for awhile and see if there are any payment places that might take some money down and payments thereafter. I briefly considered Aaron Rents - but they will want 24 payments at who knows what per month - probably around $100 or even more - and end up paying 3 times or more as much as the machine is worth. I would rather dig into $200 of emergency funds and get it over with than pay $2,400 for an $800 machine.

That's my latest quest. Get a machine at an obscene price - or - dump $400 out for that front loader plus another $99 for a 4 year extended warranty. It wouldn't be worth it in my situation to buy a brand new machine, knowing the amount of use it's going to get, and not get an extended warranty on it. I figure this is one extended warranty that would be worth getting.

That's it.

C'ya later.


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