Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Newest Tenant............

.....may already be leaving. Sucks. Good guy, easy to get along with. He came to Phoenix from NC specifically to go to ASU - Arizona State University. They are telling him he has to be here a year before he can get resident status - and get resident status rates. The difference? $3,000 and change per year for tuition for residents: over $19,000 per year for non-residents. OUCH!!! He's meeting with the Dean of whatever - admissions I guess - on Monday to see if he can somehow get a waiver.

If he can't, he says he's moving back to North Carolina and go to school there. He was telling me an amazing story of his first kill - off the coast of Somalia earlier. Yes, it was pirates, and the pirates were going to shoot off a rocket launcher it him and the boat he was in - he got the kill shot on that dude and that dude - is dead. I have no sympathy for those pirates and now they have made it much worse for themselves by killing that captain of the Maersk. You think the Chinese military is going to have any problem shooting first and asking questions later? I thought not.

Well, anyway, at least I will know soon whether he's leaving or not so I can get an ad up in time for month-end. It appears the ex-Marine is staying at least through December. The other guy I have no clue about. I would love for this guy to stay - he wants to do the work-for-reduced rent thing starting December and I have plenty for him to do. Whatever, I have resolved myself that this is just going to be an on-going thing: finding tenants. It's a transient world, it's a transient house apparently.

To another subject, Michael stopped in earlier to get the boys to go play football. When they returned, he dropped a bomb. Anthony wants to apologize and move back in. Lol. Lessee - broke my windows, threw rocks at me, made some of the most demoralizing statements I have ever heard - especially coming from a kid, doesn't work, doesn't go to school, smokes pot all day long, steals. That's a tough decision.

I'm trying to motivate myself to get outside and start doing some stuff. I met up with Sugarcane/Kelly of KCL today and it was a nice time out. She's a very cool person - we ate at a diner which has some fine food and great service. Good times. But I was stuffed and still am - which usually slows down the idea of going outside and doing anything. Or inside for that matter.

No, the lazy button has been pushed on me and there is nothing pressing. I rarely take a day off on the weekends, but today is apparently going to be one of those days. When I do take a day off, I usually regret not having had gone into a flurry of activity and getting things done, but I don't think that will happen this time. I have been going for a long time now - every day doing something around here beyond work. Waterings can wait up to 3 days at this point, so that can even be put on hold today as well.

The only real thing I want to accomplish this weekend is get some new tennis shoes for casual junk and probably a decent pair of pants for my trip for Thanksgiving with the folks. It's going to be held at a fancy restaurant and I want to be semi-dressed up for the event.

So, I have made up my mind- nothing today. Undoubtedly, that will change. I will end up starting to clean the place up and doing my weekend cleaning so that I can have tomorrow to work outside.

Oh well, it was a nice plan, anyway.


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