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Dogs Revisited/Fry's Food Stores

The neighbors to the east of me have apparently banished their dogs to the east side of THEIR house - since I am on their west side, that means I don't have to listen to those dogs barking all night long!! Yayyyyyyy! I wonder how long that is going to last?
I had thought they might have gotten rid of them since I haven't been hearing anything from them at all - but I saw the puppy peeking out the gate on the other side of their house yesterday. The dog actually likes me, but there is no way for me to pet the dog or give it the attention it badly needs. Those 2 dogs are totally neglected in terms of any kind of affection.

The German Shepherds on the other side are also, apparently - and hopefully NOT temporarily - being kept indoors at night as well.

Well, I bought my turkey at Fry's Food Stores yesterday. I was picking through the pile, looking for the largest one they had. If you're going to cook a turkey, you might as well cook a BIG turkey for all of that kind of…