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Happy Thanksgiving!

Just want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hope that you all will take a moment to reflect on the things you have in your life and give thanks to - whoever you give thanks to - I personally give thanks to the Lord God Almighty. And Jesus the Christ for hanging on a cross, shedding his blood and giving us all the opportunity to have eternal life. And, of course, the Holy Spirit, who is here with us, teaching us, comforting us and showing us the way.

I would go into it more, but I have limited time on this hotel computer - though no-one seems to be waiting to use it. I guess most people have laptops nowadays and the rooms have plug-ins for high-speed internet.

If I buy another computer, it will not be a laptop. It will be another desktop with a bit faster processor and a lot more ram and such.

Anyway, Caleb and I got here yesterday and visited everyone at my dad's house. They were, however, mostly drunk. Not my dad - he has a glass of wine here and t…