Sunday, November 29, 2009

If I Accomplished Nothing Else..........

..........this weekend, today's event would have been enough. The man showed up with his bags and rented the room sight unseen. He didn't care. Very nicely dressed dude - on some pretty hard luck and bad times. The room isn't even available yet - won't be until tomorrow morning. He didn't care about that, either. He's living in a hotel, paying bookoo bucks to stay there and wants out of it. Yes, he handed over the first week's rent and I gave him a receipt, and yes, that money is non-refundable. I put his bags in my bedroom closet, locked them up. He said he would be back tomorrow and that was the end of that.

Amazing. That was much easier than most of these rentals. A woman called 10 minutes ago asking about the room, I forgot to take the ad down (now accomplished). Weekly rentals are a bit unnerving - especially having 2 of them now, since they can pretty much leave at anytime. Not that they can do that legally - there is minimum notice given by the state of AZ - but I allow for short notice. I am trying to get people in here.

Even better is that this man is paying $110 per week - $440 per month. I normally get $375 per month for that room, but weekly renters will always pay more.

Anyway, that is a sigh of relief - at least temporarily - until the next person leaves, which would be the ex-Marine, no date as a move-out day yet.

I HAVE accomplished quite a lot around here this weekend, stopped in the middle of it to fix turkey dinner. I have to say that cooking a turkey is the easy part, it's the part about getting all of that meat off of it that takes time. I clean that bird down to the last smithering of meat. What is not good for humans goes to the dogs - meat anyway, the bones are already in the trash. Excellent dinner, btw, a nice way to end the weekend.

Busy day at work tomorrow. I have to be there at 5:00am, meaning getting up around 4:00am. I don't really like getting up that early, but duty calls and the product has to be on the jobsite for month-end final push to get whatever we can out the door and onto the books. It just means I will get off even earlier, like at noon I believe. There are 3 deliveries - 2 of them large and one small. The truck is almost done being loaded, and this was another "Technical Load", I like to call it, where you are racking your brains attempting to figure out how to get all of that stuff onto the truck, have a safe load and be able get it all of at respective delivery spots without having to take anything else off to get at it.

So, I'm almost at the point of giving myself a pass for the rest of the day - almost. I have more I want to get done outside so - I'm headed out there in a few minutes to git-er done. It's just that I know next weekend I will be next to useless. There is company part on Saturday and our family's Thanksgiving get-together on Sunday. I won't get anything done excepting maybe laundry so - just want to get some things done around here today.

So there it is. Plenty done in the last several days including visiting my dad on Thanksgiving for dinner, I think I'll put in another hour or 2 and call it done for the weekend.


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