Monday, November 30, 2009


It's literally been many months - close to half a year - since I've had a working printer. I have one sitting there - it won't print. The thing was knocked onto the floor thanks to dogs and it will not sync itself on the rail. I've looked on Craiglist I dunno how many times trying to find another one - this is old but works well enough, I though to find someone selling one so I could use my full in cartidges in it.

Only one find and the person advertised it too high - I could have bought a new printer for that money - and I told them so. They didn't care, too bad. I checked back several times - it wasn't sold.

Today I thought to do a search on all of this Cyber Monday junk and see if I could find a super deal. I went to a lot of websites before finding Office Max deal on an epson printer that is normally $149.99 selling for $69.99 with free shipping. Yes, I don't even have to go to the store. And yes, I bought it. I can't go without a printer, I have needed one on too many occasions. The printer I am getting is cool - it works through my wi-fi network, it's wireless and I won't have to worry about dogs pulling the wires on it - accidentally of course - and smashing it on the floor.

In fact, if I so opted - which I probably won't but just sayin' - this printer can be used by anyone in the house with a computer. Printers have come a long way, baby. I had no idea they were building them with wifi access, that's just weird, really.

I would have bought an extended warranty for at least a year - but there was none offered. It should be here before the week's end.

I have a new tenant - and this guy is a keeper if at all possible. Clean, quiet, normal. Works out - he has arms as big as my legs - getting to the point of motivating me to start working out again. He's paying weekly - I guess that's all he can afford. I'm going to sweeten the deal - I'm charging him $110 per week, I offered him $40 back at the end of the month if he stayed the entire month. I normally only charge $375 per month for that room - so I figure to offer him all the money down to $375 back if he stays - and pays of course - for the entire month. Meaning the 4th week he would pay all of $45.

He spent an hour cleaning that bedroom - moved the furniture, vacuuming, spray cleaner with paper towels, whatever he was doing in there he was cleaning like crazy. He brought my vacuum back out - the canister was FULL of dirt.

Ohhh that I could get more tenants like that. Well, really, one of my current tenants is here so infrequently, he really doesn't live here. The ex-Marine is leaving sooner or later - though he just paid up last month and ALL of this month. I'll take that and clean up some of his messes in the bathroom, which is basically his "major" fault.

I dunno, I am just happy that 3 rooms are rented and if one is emptied, I hope to be able to re-rent it quickly.

Anyway, a sigh of relief.

I am hopefully getting the washer and dryer set tomorrow. My manager - who is giving them to me for $50 - didn't bring them today because his help to get the machines into the vehicle didn't show up. I have loaded and removed washers and dryers in and out of pickups by myself. Pretty simple: Put a blanket on the bed; lay the machine down on it; slide it to the tailgate; slide it until it starts lowering; grab bottom of machine; slowly allow it to come down to the ground. No damage to truck, no damage to machine, walaah. Yes, I've done that with refrigerators as well. Not everyone, I guess, is as motivated about things like this as I am. I need the set, I will gladly unload them into my back yard by myself if no-one else is around and get the job done.

Well that's it. I got up at 4:00AM this morning, at work at 5, off work at 3 something, don't even remember. Have gotten nothing done around the house - don't care. When I'm this tired, I just do some basic cleaning around the house and that's it.


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