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It's literally been many months - close to half a year - since I've had a working printer. I have one sitting there - it won't print. The thing was knocked onto the floor thanks to dogs and it will not sync itself on the rail. I've looked on Craiglist I dunno how many times trying to find another one - this is old but works well enough, I though to find someone selling one so I could use my full in cartidges in it.

Only one find and the person advertised it too high - I could have bought a new printer for that money - and I told them so. They didn't care, too bad. I checked back several times - it wasn't sold.

Today I thought to do a search on all of this Cyber Monday junk and see if I could find a super deal. I went to a lot of websites before finding Office Max deal on an epson printer that is normally $149.99 selling for $69.99 with free shipping. Yes, I don't even have to go to the store. And yes, I bought it. I can't go without a printer, …