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I've been having a bit of a problem at a particular contractor at one of their sites when I go to deliver material there. The problem is having to wait extended amounts of time to get the truck unloaded. I will unload the truck myself if it's something I can do - but in the case of 20,000 pounds of pipe, that isn't a happening event.

Mostly, I have to wait at least an hour to get the truck unloaded - which is unacceptable. My new manager is having a little trouble trying to figure out what, exactly, to do in such situations, my old manager is giving him some good advice - the same thing I have already said to him in various ways a couple of times now. When something like this becomes a recurrent issue - the manager calls the person in charge at the site and gives an ultimatum: get the truck unloaded within the next 30 minutes or my driver is going to leave and you can come pick up the material at our yard.

Today, getting the truck unloaded wasn't an issue. I cal…