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KCL is down - well it's not really down, but I can't access it, everything is dragging. I have yet to be able to get to the 'new post' portion of my journal there since I started trying to several hours ago.

So I'll post here instead.

Yesterday evening - actually it was night time - it hit me. I have waited far more than long enough for my car insurance company to do something about getting my car fixed. Lke, what, a month and a half since the accident?

I started looking up the company's official's names online - this company has a site that has senior management names, phone numbers, email adresses and cell phone numbers. I was apalled. I would never put out my cell phone if I was a high ranking dude or dudette in a company. I called the number, of course, and yes, this man - the Chief Operations Officer of the company answered.

I detailed - detailed - the entire story, including the extreme rudeness of the woman that is in charge of my "case"…