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The Party

KCL isn't down today, but I cannot access - again - the posting screen, so, here we go again.
Party was awesome. Really, it was totally cool. The GM of our company's house is one of the most amazing houses I have ever been in. They just finished building it this year and moved in - took 2 and a half years to build. I'm guessing a minimum million for that house. The wood flooring - was quite unusual. It wasn't the generic stuff people are putting on their floors nowadays. No, it was from the floor of an old barn somewhere in the midwest. The pieces are all sizes - lengths and widths are all irregular.

But the effect was incredible. It was - glazed over is all I can say about it. The kitchen counter and island were also made of some old wood that had been perfectly fitted together and cracks filled in with some black substance and then coated. A built in coffee-maker - push a button and a cup of freshly brewed coffee comes out.

The square footage of their patio…