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Rain is gone.
It was fun while it lasted.
I am at work - before signing in of course - reading the news online.
Chavez is an entertaining person to read, if nothing else. He's sort of a
circus-type mad-man who also happens to be president of his country.
I had wondered at first, when seeing him with Aminehmad or however that Iranian
president's name is spelled - that the connection was.
The connection is simply that these are 2 people that act like charlatons and make
wild, bold and outrageous threats on the world-stage, mostly, I am assuming, for publicity's sake.

When it comes to war, history always repeats itself. If I am not seeing the foundation for the next World War being put into place - if ever so slowly - then I don't know WHAT it is I am seeing. Russians are helping Venezuela by giving them a 2 billion dollar line of credit for - what else - weapons. Iran is defying the entire world, not just the U.S., in it's alleged quest of nuclear armam…