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Slept pretty well last night - that happens far less frequently than not. I did wake up at around 2:30 am but managed - somehow - to get back to sleep. If the alarm didn't go off this morning I would have slept many more hours, I am sure. Normally, I am awake well before the alarm goes off.

I got most of the Christmas lights up for my front yard yesterday afternoon. It looks pretty good - just a few dark spots I need to address and it's done. I would like to get a "Merry Christmas" sign - maybe someone's selling one on Craigslist. I forgot to check this morning and see how much electricty those lights are using - but I am not using anything near the 8,000 lights I got in that package deal. Some of the rest of those lights well be used indoors.

I still can't get over the fact that Midland Mortgage company actually reduced my loan interest rate. I have been riding on this one for days now. It's almost scary - like they were taunting me and in a wee…