Friday, December 11, 2009


Slept pretty well last night - that happens far less frequently than not. I did wake up at around 2:30 am but managed - somehow - to get back to sleep. If the alarm didn't go off this morning I would have slept many more hours, I am sure. Normally, I am awake well before the alarm goes off.

I got most of the Christmas lights up for my front yard yesterday afternoon. It looks pretty good - just a few dark spots I need to address and it's done. I would like to get a "Merry Christmas" sign - maybe someone's selling one on Craigslist. I forgot to check this morning and see how much electricty those lights are using - but I am not using anything near the 8,000 lights I got in that package deal. Some of the rest of those lights well be used indoors.

I still can't get over the fact that Midland Mortgage company actually reduced my loan interest rate. I have been riding on this one for days now. It's almost scary - like they were taunting me and in a week, they're going to call me back and say April Fool's in December.

It's funny that I am close to 2 years worth of payments on that house and the priniple amount has only come down maybe 2 grand. Hey, a lower interest rate will allow for more of the monthly payment to go to princple reduction. Or is that principal? I could never remember the 2, I have always goofed those 2 words up all my life.

We have 2 rogue nations that are nuclear weapons bound. I don't wonder if neither is doing anything to listen to the U.N. on the subject because - they can see that the other has had nothing done to it. N Korea has snooted UN resolutions for - a long time. Iran is so full of rhetoric - you wonder if those are manniquens you are looking at speaking on the TV instead of real Iranian officials. Certainly their president looks nothing short of a goofball. Actually, when I first saw that man, I immediately thought of a homeless person living on the streets.

No, really, that's the first thought that entered my mind. The guy LOOKS uneducated - whether he is or isn't, I don't know. Of course, our president is viewed as lame, weak and timid the world over at this point. Great portrayal for the greatest position of authority and power on the face of the earth, IMO anyway.

Umm, well that wasn't really a political rant, just more observations. Until the world really does something besides sanctions against these nations, they are going to continue to defy everyone. If Iran ever gets it's hands on nuclear weapons - I predict WWIII. I could be wrong, but the world will have to line up either for or against them, I have no doubt in my mind that those people would fire off a rocket with a nuclear package on it without thinking too terribly much about it. In fact, I think they would relish the idea of war and dying for their religious beliefs.

It would be Iran V Israel and then - of course - the world would have to get involved unless they just totally destroy each other. I have serious doubts, however, that Israel will ever be destroyed. Yes, that belief is steeped in religious belief, but I reserve that belief in certain biblical statements.

And since it' the CHRISTMAS Season (versus the Holiday Season, or Happy Holidays, or whatever other rubbish the world wants to come up with, I could care LESS if anyone gets offended that I say MERRY CHRISTMAS to them) I will take a few moments here and there to speak about religious beliefs and that's that.

Regardless, the work day is starting and I just found 2 deliveries that need to be pulled, loaded and taken to a new jobsite. Woohooooo! Gotta love it!
I do love my job, did I ever say that? Oh yes, like a thousand times!
C'ya later.

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