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The news, as always, is a source of great entertainment. Lol. A statue of Obama erected in Jakarta? Lol. Now, of course, there is an outrage in that country by citizens who say that there are leaders from that nation that a deserving of such a statue but none of them have one. What IS the craze about Obama? The Nobel Peace Prize? ROFL!!! I am in no way racist and surely saying what I am about to will label me as one, I couldn't care less: this is more about the color of the man's skin than the alleged "greatness" of the man himself. There, I said it and I most certainly do not feel bad about it, because I happen to believe that, to a very great extent, it's true. Much of the world views Obama as a wimp, not as a great leader that has done - what? Let's see a list of things, folks, I would love to review it.

Next is Lieberman. He is dissing his own party, lol!!! Democrats are "furious" as the news puts it about his stance on the health bi…