Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The news, as always, is a source of great entertainment. Lol. A statue of Obama erected in Jakarta? Lol. Now, of course, there is an outrage in that country by citizens who say that there are leaders from that nation that a deserving of such a statue but none of them have one. What IS the craze about Obama? The Nobel Peace Prize? ROFL!!! I am in no way racist and surely saying what I am about to will label me as one, I couldn't care less: this is more about the color of the man's skin than the alleged "greatness" of the man himself. There, I said it and I most certainly do not feel bad about it, because I happen to believe that, to a very great extent, it's true. Much of the world views Obama as a wimp, not as a great leader that has done - what? Let's see a list of things, folks, I would love to review it.

Next is Lieberman. He is dissing his own party, lol!!! Democrats are "furious" as the news puts it about his stance on the health bill and the desire to increase Medicaid benefits - as well as other issues. What always grasps my attention are the words "1 TRILLION dollars". This is what they believe it will cost to implement this program for the next 10 years. 1,000,000,000,000. Look at that number. Mark my words, if this thing passes and surely it will - they are hell-bent on it - it will end up costing DOUBLE or TRIPLE that figure. NOTHING the government EVER does stays on budget.

Where are we headed, people? I'm serious - how is all of this going to be paid for? How is all of this money already spent going to be paid for? The nation is UNEMPLOYED, taxes are NOT being paid right now, but these people in-charge think it a grand idea to burden the deficit and the public debt to the point - it's gotta break somewhere, sooner or later. WHAT happens when "it" breaks, I have no clue, but there is going to a point where we are no longer going to enjoy the lifestyle that we have fought and worked so hard to get that we have right now. The people that are making these decisions are RICH people, they don't have to fear and worry about the things the average-Joe like me has to, ie: how are we going to survive this?

I read in Craigslist ads every day the desperation of entire families that are broke, about to lose whatever dwelling place they have and can someone loan them the money or just plain give it to them so they can pay the rent? No, I am not trying to help these people, I am reading the stories, though. It gives a face to the seriousness of the situation that we are in, the same situation that our nation's so-called leaders apparently have forgotten about. Those people get the best health care coverage on earth - free. They don't pay a dime for it. It's like they get elected into office and then leap to another planet, leaving planet Earth and America FAR behind in their thoughts and actions.

I am fortunate enough to be able to say that if it really got THAT bad - where I lost my job, my home, everything, at least I have parents that would help me out. I know, it would be the lowest low of my life, but it would be better than living on the streets. Not everyone can say that they have that kind of backup. My brother is ALWAYS asking me what my backup plan is. Whenever I see him - which isn't that often - but whenever I see him, that's his question. I have no clue, dude. What is YOUR backup plan? Who has a backup plan in a recession or really, a depression such as what we're going through?

I'd be pounding the pavement like everyone else and take what I could get. That's my backup plan. I hope to hope's sake for sake's sake that I don't have to go there. I work my butt off at work, I press forward and I get the job done, do everything that's asked of me and go well beyond that without complaining and hope that, at the end of the day, I am still employed. What else am I supposed to do? Have we lost sight of the fact that there are still hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their jobs EVERY single month? And yet our clueless government keeps wanting to dump TRILLIONS of dollars into things that may have merit - I am not opposed to everyone being able to get health-care - but are TOTALLY ill-advised at this point. We don't HAVE trillions of dollars is my point. We aren't likely to have it any time soon. Let's just sell America to the world!!! Yayyyy - get taken over by the Chinese and whoever else is "investing" in America. The Canadians are coming to these parts in droves picking up cheap homes.

Whatever. My rant is over.

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