Thursday, December 17, 2009

Free Shipping Thursday - Today Is Free Shipping Day

.......and I intend on taking advantage of it.
Allegedly, hundreds of internet sites are coming together, so to speak, to all give away free shipping.
Omaha Steaks is on that list. Since my oldest brother and his wife are going to bother to do Christmas this year, I am going to continue on with my now-yearly tradition of sending them a steak package from Omaha Steaks. The free shipping will save a lot of money right there - they have to ship it in dried ice and that shipping isn't cheap.
Some of the sites are giving away free shipping for any amount, some are giving it away if you spend X amount of money.

Onto other things. "The Federal Government will go bankrupt" if the health care bill fails. He blames an "unsustainable path" for medicare and medicaid if no action is taken. Gee, there, Mr. President, we are throwing TRILLIONS of dollars at everything BUT those systems, if we would have just paid for those things and fixed Social Security, maybe this country would be far better off.
I don't know that the federal government going bankrupt is such a bad idea.

Perhaps some entity would then force us to change our outrageous spending habits. Or perhaps our lenders would take everything over? Now wouldn't that be fun, the United States of China - or - The United States of America run by the Chinese Federal Government. Turn us all into a bunch of communists and blatant socialists. How would you like to be told how many kids you can have, or how many pets you can have? No guns. No freedom of religion - they claim such over there but in reality, if you want to express your religious views, they force you to do it in state-run churches. If you go outside of them, you risk getting killed, basically.

Whatever. I drove over 300 miles yesterday - all over the place. A trip to Tucson - I-10 was pretty much open season for high speeds and I was going high speeds. There just wasn't that much traffic out there to slow everything down. It's funny to pass a cop sitting on the side of the road going 75mph or even a little faster and have them do nothing about it. Because it's legal, yes - just sayin' it's pretty good speed for a semi. A couple of small deliveries today - so small they are going to be done in the pickup truck. There is plenty to do around here - the yard that is - if nothing else comes up. We are slowly moving all material from the back yard to the front yard. Inventory is coming soon - we have to get the stuff moved and then located in the computer system.

Ummm, work day approaches, I must get offa here.

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...