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Let's Get On With It, Shall We?

I am sitting on the threshold of a 2-day weekend - as normal, then 2 days of work and then........5 days off! YEEEEHAAAAAAAWW!!

And Lord knows I need it. Another of our drivers is currently off and will be off until after New Year's!??! Okay, my turn's a coming. In a couple of months from now, I intend on taking a full week off plus weekends cushioning both sides which would make a full 9 days off.

I am again being entertained by the daily news I find on the internet. This time, a Senator was told he could not go on any further with his speech he was delivering, he was cut off. The reason? They wanted to get done with a defense bill they were trying to get passed and rush to get started on the health bill.

Isn't that the problem here? They are so full-blown into wanting to get this thing done, yet from what I have read, many of these senators haven't even bothered to read the entire script of the thing. They want to get this bill passed before or even ON Christ…