Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's Get On With It, Shall We?

I am sitting on the threshold of a 2-day weekend - as normal, then 2 days of work and then........5 days off! YEEEEHAAAAAAAWW!!

And Lord knows I need it. Another of our drivers is currently off and will be off until after New Year's!??! Okay, my turn's a coming. In a couple of months from now, I intend on taking a full week off plus weekends cushioning both sides which would make a full 9 days off.

I am again being entertained by the daily news I find on the internet. This time, a Senator was told he could not go on any further with his speech he was delivering, he was cut off. The reason? They wanted to get done with a defense bill they were trying to get passed and rush to get started on the health bill.

Isn't that the problem here? They are so full-blown into wanting to get this thing done, yet from what I have read, many of these senators haven't even bothered to read the entire script of the thing. They want to get this bill passed before or even ON Christmas Day.

Thanks, politicians, just what we need. Yours and Obama's legacy of casting trillions of dollars worth of debt that will never see and end. How much taxation will it take being dumped on each individual before we all stand up and say enough is enough? I dunno. I know the "taxation without representation" movement - if you don't know what I'm talking about then you must have missed high school entirely - well, elementary school as well for that matter - must have taken some serious guts to actually initiate and engage in.

I would like to see HOW it is that not passing this bill will cause the federal government to go bankrupt. Obama likes to throw out stuff to make people afraid - I'm not buying it.

Today's fare includes a trip to Scottsdale and then an attempt to pull, load and deliver a rather large order. Yes, well we'll see about that. The order may be put off until Monday because as far as I know, nothing has been done on it yet. My limited hours at work usually have me cut off from even starting on the next day's deliveries in terms of pulling the orders - I get off of work about the time that normally used to start happening when the hour reduction came.

Weekend plans are nothing more than attempting to find Caleb the Christmas present he wants, doing whatever as Secret Santa to someone on KCL - the person never did fill out the survey so I'm going to get "something" and if they don't like it, tough. I also have absolutely no clue what my middle brother wants, I have asked him several times. My mother's present is done and my oldest brother's present is on it's way. I have very few people to buy for - on purpose. I am not going to go broke spending money on presents that, mostly, have no meaning to the recipient. Christmas has mostly lost it's meaning to individuals who see it nothing more than a spending spree to get things. I'm more into the giving side of things than the receiving side, but I was most appreciative of mother's gift of a carpet cleaning machine.

Anyway, I'm outta here - work day is almost here.
Have a good one!

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