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Electric Consumption

I've learned a few things about electric usage when coupled with having tenants in your home over the last almost 2 years that I have had tenants in here.

First, I should NOT have "upgraded" the house to a 40 gallon water heater when I bought the place. I figured more people, need more hot water, right? Well, what actually happens is that everyone takes a shower or bath that conumes all 40 gallons worth of hot water. A 30 gallon heater = 10 gallons less of hot water being consumed, the heater being on less - less water and over time, far less electricity being used. I mean, who in their right mind is going to stay in a shower after the water turns cold and it's cold out and inside? I don't have it particularly warm in here, it's 60 degrees, I think, by Phoenix standards that's the ice age come visited your house.

2. It's worth the extra money, if you have such, to buy energy efficient washers and dryers. I was looking at the M-Power reader - it…