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Cafe World On Facebook Tips

This will serve as my tip post for the Googling world who are just starting to play Cafe World and want to learn how to play the game in a way that makes it go faster and causes you to acquire experience points as fast as possible.

First, get neighbors. The more the better. You need at least some neighbors to be able to upgrade to a bigger cafe, but here's the real reason you want as many neighbors as you can possibly get:
You know when you are cooking something and a window pops up and tells you this is your dish to share with everyone for the day? It has a share tab at the bottom? Make sure you always click on it to share. If your neighbors do the same - share their daily special, then you simply go to your facebook home page, click on live feed and start collecting 100 samples of whatever it is they have posted!

I currently have 4,000 free samples in my queue. Those free samples keep all of my serving tables full. I want all of them full because I don't want the stuff I…