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This week's hump day - would be today : )
A call the mortgage company yesterday confirmed that a second, notarized copy of the mod agreement would have to be sent in, and after talking to a manager - no, it being late isn't going to nix the deal.

Good. Then a call to the auto insurance company - my rate went from $70 and change to almost $100. Insurance agent checked into it - a one-time fee was added to "renew" the policy. I think I'm going to start getting quotes for new insurance policy.

GM is apparently dumping Pontiacs at up to 47% savings for consumers- they're doing away with that line completely and want them gone, so I read online this morning. That deal is good through the 4th of next month. My car is nickle and diming me to death, I would love to get a new car at half off - the ONLY way I would ever buy a new car. Flip side is usually much higher insurance premiums.

I will be checking into that possibility this week - just to see if there a…