Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This week's hump day - would be today : )
A call the mortgage company yesterday confirmed that a second, notarized copy of the mod agreement would have to be sent in, and after talking to a manager - no, it being late isn't going to nix the deal.

Good. Then a call to the auto insurance company - my rate went from $70 and change to almost $100. Insurance agent checked into it - a one-time fee was added to "renew" the policy. I think I'm going to start getting quotes for new insurance policy.

GM is apparently dumping Pontiacs at up to 47% savings for consumers- they're doing away with that line completely and want them gone, so I read online this morning. That deal is good through the 4th of next month. My car is nickle and diming me to death, I would love to get a new car at half off - the ONLY way I would ever buy a new car. Flip side is usually much higher insurance premiums.

I will be checking into that possibility this week - just to see if there are some options out there. I haven't checked my credit report in a while so I have no idea where it stands in terms of the score right now, guess I better do that first. I would actually far rather get a pickup truck - but I fear the 4 dollar gasoline so I probably otter stay away from that idea. I will say that a new car would afford a pretty low monthly payment. I would love to get away from monthly car payments, but - no choice in that matter right now.

Yet another "warrant has been issued" report for Anthony arrived in my mailbox. I assume he is not going to see the probation officer. Actually, I think his deal is that he wants to smoke pot and they do monthly drug testing - a good thing. I have also heard that they are now implementing drug testing for people receiving food stamps. If this is true, it's the best idea I've heard yet for weeding out the people that are simply living off of that kind of government handout and spend their time - high all day long.

Work day approacheth. Enough to do today, I believe anyway, to keep me busy until sign-out time. I'm 2 hours over from yesterday, I hope to be able to leave early today.

Take care, Happy New Year's and have a great day!

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