Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cafe World Tips and Answers Part 3

cafe world..why have my buzz rating going down since I added another oven

Probably your oven has nothing to do with it. But if it does, it's simply - probably anyway - that you have more customers coming in than you have seats to sit them down at. They stand there, tap impatiently, then leave, bam, your buzz rating goes down. So, watch your game for a while. If there are any customers standing there without a seat, try adding more tables. Sometimes they sit down and have to wait too long to get served. Make sure your serving counters are close enough to the tables and definitely, make sure your waiters/waitresses aren't blocked from getting to your tables. Of course, you could do "auto-serve", where the waitresses magically fling the plates from the counter to the tables without moving.
This is accomplished by blocking your counters in. However, I do not have a buzz rating problem and I do not use fling magic.

why don't my servers in cafe world on facebook serve everyone.

Either you don't have enough servers or they are blocked from getting to the tables. Again, make sure your counters are close to the tables. I've seen all kinds of cafe layouts, my favorite is a giant U-shape setup where the tables are lined next to each other in - you guessed it - a U shape. The counters are put in the middle. Your servers have fast access to getting the food on the table. If you have more customers than the servers can handle, you'll have to slow down the customers some how. One easy way is to have only one entrance door. Of course, check and see that you aren't able to level up and hire another server.

how to get rid of neighbors on cafe world.

This is a commonly asked question and there is no way, yet to do that. I do have an idea though, that if you dump them as a friend on Facebook you will probably see their stuff disappear on Cafe World as well, but don't quote me on that as I haven't tried it yet. I don't really know why anyone would want to get rid of neighbors - even if they aren't playing the game you can still get 20 gold coins from them every day and 5 Cafe Points as well.

setting up cafe world so chef doesn't throw food.
Actually, you want your chef to stand in one place and serve the food and cook it. It saves a LOT of time in having to watch your chef - which would be you - walking back and forth and back and forth, it more than quadruples the time it takes to prepare food or serve it. But, if you REALLY don't want him/her to do that, simply make sure your ovens are not blocked. I block all of my ovens to force the chef to "throw" (I like to call it flinging) the food.

facebook cafe world samples. I assume the person was asking how to get them. You can get 100 free samples from your neighbors on your Facebook wall whenever any of your Cafe World Neighbors prepare a dish and the application gives them the option to post it on their wall - allowing all neighbors to grab up 100 free servings. I currently have 19,000 free servings in my gift box. You can also get free servings by gifting. You gift your neighbors, hopefully they gift you back. I FAR prefer getting my free samples from my Facebook wall because it's MUCH faster to do than trying to collect all those gifts from neighbors.

Cafe World don't get points when visiting neighbors
I have no idea, honestly, why you wouldn't get points when visiting neighbors. The only thing I have had happen is that it goes down from 5 Cafe Points to 2 after you have visited enough of them. I have never had that problem, I have no context to give an opinion.

More questions? I'm at level 63 and have figured out quite a lot of this game - though I'm sure there is some I don't know. Still, if you have a question about Cafe World I will be happy to try and give a good answer.

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