Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Forecasters. Where do they get these people? It was forecast to rain all day today, now it's not forecast to rain at all except "early" morning hours. Then, it's supposed to be a gully-washer tomorrow. Bahhhh.

Whatever. I guess it's a good thing for getting deliveries out, but I was looking forward to an entire weekday's week worth of raining every day.

So, the Dems agenda is now in an upheaval. I'm not sorry to say that there are plenty of Americans out there that are totally opposed to this health-care plan as it currently exists and don't want it. What amazes me is that they are now saying:"well, if we can't have a filibuster-proof majority, then we ought to approve the Senate version of it and send it directly to Obama's desk" while several of these morons are stating THEY HAVEN'T EVEN READ OR ANALYZED IT YET!!!

HOW do THESE people get into office? Do you consider it good representation from your elected representatives to sit there and just vote in bills that they haven't read? That they hand to aids to scrutinize FOR them? Or not even do that at all?

That's like you or I signing a contract for something and not bother to read all of that fine print that may be and probably is laden with clauses, fees, and whatever other junk they want to cram in there, knowing that MOST people won't bother to read that stuff. Then, when trouble hits, you're screwed. They vote in these measures and there is junk in there? It's you and I, the American public that is screwed.

Well, I think I'll get off of that subject because - it leads nowhere. We continue to vote in a bunch of people that are rich, have no connection/clue about the working man, have the best health care on the planet given to them for free, do not live in want, probably never have and simply don't get it. It's almost always a popularity contest, not a contest about who's going to do the job best and represent the most people from the state in a way that voices the people's concerns.

I don't even know this Brown dude that got in there - but he has made some interesting statements that I would LOVE to see if he follows through with or not. Probably NOT. They ALL say stuff just to get into office, then when they get there, they backtrack/180 and do their own thing.

Ummm, well, I've had 3 offers on travel trailers, but, they all say they "need work". Well, if they need too much work I don't want it. I have fixed up travel trailers in the past and that can consume a lot of time and money in getting the job done to a point of satisfaction. I am not even sure I want to go down that path, yet. It's only worth doing it if it's at least half-decent and someone will take the thing as their "room" and pay me monthly rent for it. That's it.

Anyway, work day approaches and I might get offa here.



Fin said...

What had you planned for utilities and waste for the resident of the trailer?

BenB said...

House use.
Electricity is easy enough - a long extension cord.
A trench will be dug eventually to install a sewer line - I just happen to work at a company that has plenty of that stuff. In fact, we have a lot of burnt sewer pipe that is still quite usable that I can get for free, the only thing I would have to pay for is the fittings.
As is my way of doing things, I spelled out the details of whoever may want to rent it very clearly - all of it including the waste, dogs, kids, etc etc etc. However, they won't have to deal with kids or other tenants for the most part since - they will be in their own trailer - and I am hoping my wireless internet will reach to it since other people in the neighborhood have stolen my wifi in the past (now password protected). I also spelled out that if they want Direct TV in there - they will have to pay for the extra box, that isn't included in the deal.
I pretty much try to think of all of this stuff in advance before even committing to doing anything.

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