Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday!! --- KCL

Look folks, I am not going to sit here and trash KCL, it's owners or the people that participate. I also was NOT trying to attract attention to myself as Susan apparently thinks in her last comment on my blog on KCL. If I wanted attention, then I would post 10 entries a day and go around leaving comments on 100 blogs like some people do over there solely to get traffic going to their blogs.

When I post an entry, it's because it's something I wanted to write out - regardless of whether important, stupid, mundane - whatever - not because I am trying to "attract attention to myself".

I admitted I didn't do something I said I would - the first time it was simple procrastination the second time there was legitimate reasoning but I can't and won't go into the details of any of that since it was a personal exchange through the messaging system. When I was told they don't give a damn if anyone leaves or goes, I decided to leave. Not to attract attention, but because those people OWN that blog. How can I sit there and continue to write on their blogging site and act as if nothing happened when there is no resolution to the contention? I cannot. It's as simple as that. And yes, I most definitely will write a goodbye - and I am definitely going to give at least a generic reason as to why I left, which I did.

This blog will have to serve as my primary blog, I have another blog that I revert back to when another site goes down - or in this case - I am not writing in that blog for a while - or ever - or who knows? So let's get this clear, in case someone comes and starts the flow of juices about my leaving or not leaving: I did NOT say on my KCL blog or here that I was leaving KCL forever. Okay? If I decide to go back and write, as long as the blog is still there, of course (and it should be, I paid for pro-access until October of this year, I think, if nothing else that in itself should keep the thing up there) I will.

I am going to try to save the entire blog into an XML file that is available, at least have it on a disc or something. I don't want to lose another blog's worth of writings such as occured with JS. I don't HAVE XML on my home computer, unfortunately, but I may be able to do it here at work, try that after I get off work today.

As for today, it's Friday, weekend is almost here, I'm elated! I am enjoying being outside in the cool, fresh air as long as there is cool fresh air to be had. I bought the roof jack for the Mastercool for that trailer yesterday at our company's heating and cooling division - nice to work for a company that has all of these different divisions that are relevant in one way or another to home ownership - at half the cost I would be able to get it anywhere else. In fact, if my AC ever goes down again, I am going to try to find a person that can do side jobs and simply buy whatever I need from there myself. I can get an entire AC system at cost. We buy directly from the manufacturer, getting something at cost is no small amount of savings.

I did NOT want to spend anymore money for a while, at least, on that thing, but the savings in using evaporative cooling over AC will be substantial. MUCH more than getting that unit up there and operational would ever cost.

Well, I missed the news and everything else this morning in writing this entry and now - the word day is here, I must get offa here and on company time.


Anonymous said...

Ben: I have NEVER liked Susan aka EvilFury becuase of some really nasty things she did back in the JS days. I won't go into details but those of us that knew her back then did NOT have alot of respect for her. I hope you stay away from KCL and it's trashy content.

Anonymous said...

Is that you Joan?

Anonymous said...

No doubting there is gutter level trash talk on that forum - I have stated that openly and freely both here and on my blog there several times now. But, there are people there that I like and have known since JS days, one reason I wanted to continue to stay there. But - most people know about this blog, much fewer the other one. I really didn't know Susan from JS days, I can't comment on that.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to know who is posting what - but - I leave the anonymous option up there just because some people do not to be identified in making certain types of comments. No big deal. I didn't really know Susan in JS days, I can't comment on that, but I have made it known publicly on numerous occasions that I am not a big fan of all the trash/gutter talking that goes on on that forum. To each his own.

Anonymous said...

Well you know me...Anita aka Summerwind. And I will never go back there ever. My account is deleted. This kind of meanness has been going on since JS and I won't tolerate it. Nor will I put up with watching this happen to friends over there. I have no respect for this individual either. Her behavior is why a whole bunch of people will not blog there.

It's a beautiful day Ben! Enjoy it. I'll put this blog as the primary on my blogroll and visit regularly as I always have. See ya 'round!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita!
That's some pretty strong words coming from you, wow! Sorry you had so much trouble over there. It is an absolutely gorgeous day, a good day to be alive, breath in the air, smell the roses and get out and take a look at God's green earth. I have always loved Springtime regardless of where I am at, Arizona no less. Thanks for writing and have a great day.

Pastor Larry said...

You are not alone Ben A lot of people have had the same trouble there.

Anonymous said...

It is really tempting to want to "pile on" the comments about someone who terms themself 'evil' and who is seemingly incapable of expressing herself without using disgusting language. I will try to resist.

Have been there less frequently as time goes by, but there are perhaps a half dozen people there whom either I like personally or who are interesting, gifted writers. So it would make me unhappy to quit altogether, even if I don't get banned again. I AM glad to be in touch with folks like Low N Slow and Fufjic outside of the confines of kcl.


BenB said...

Well, as I said, there are people I like there, too, regardless of the general atmosphere - that we all know too well. I have pretty much stayed away from that crowd as I am quite sure I don't exactly fit in there.

Okay, per the last post, a trailer didn't show up down there until 3:00 pm. So I drove 450 miles, went to bed at a truckstop and drove t...