Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona Immigration SB 1070 - Boycott The State Of California

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I have had enough of this hype and hysteria over boycotting our great state - Arizona.
The state of California is the most outspoken state yet with cities all over officially boycotting the state of Arizona, and now an outspoken senator from that state wanting the ENTIRE state to boycott AZ. The latest city being Los Angeles.

It's time to turn the tables. Let's begin with shutting off the power coming from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Plant located about 70 or so miles west of Phoenix, Arizona, IN Arizona. California is HEAVILY reliant on that power coming from that power plant. You want to talk about rolling blackouts as California experienced several years ago? Shut THAT power off and there they go again. That will be my main focus and I am going to write the governor, senators, ops columns, voice it in comments at the bottoms of news feeds (already started doing that) until it gains some momentum. WE should be fighting BACK at this point. SCREW California. Let them STEW in their own juices - I guarantee you that if we, Arizona, said: "Great, you want to boycott us, we are going to boycott you" and shut that power off, that WILL get EVERYONE'S attention. We are already negatively viewed EVERYWHERE because of one, single bill that MIRRORS federal law!!!

That in itself should be enough to shut their mouths about an outrageous, ill-gotten, boycott.

Let's also start talking about all the Arizonans that go to San Diego - the Phoenix Hideaway during summers here in the hot desert state - and having all of those folks BAN San Diego. Oh, and Anaheim, California as well.

Further, for you opponents of the bill, since this bill does mirror Federal law, why aren't you boycotting our Federal Government? They MUST be racist too, it's the law of the land!! HYPOCRITES!! Why aren't you standing on Obama's doorstep demanding that we do away with the Law of The Land as well? No, I haven't heard ANYTHING about that going on.

Arizonans, let's step up to the plate and smack it to them right back in their faces and BOYCOTT THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA!!!


Anonymous said...

You're not alone in this, though the Lamestream media wants you guys to think so.

70% of the country support you!

California is on the edge of bankruptcy get used to their loss of business. ;)

BenB said...

No, I don't believe we are alone, what I believe is what is always true: "Mainstream" media airs the mouths of a few individuals that are outspoken, liberal and want nothing but a skewed perception of what is going on that is FAR from the truth. A VAST majority of Arizonans - in a poll that had a 4% margin of error (which, even if to the negative side would still have left it at a VAST majority) AGREE with this bill. The media? Free speech, I support it, but I would like to hope that the common, average Jane and Joe American can figure this out for themselves - this isn't about racism or profiling, it's about ridding our state of hundreds of thousands (estimated) of ILLEGAL ALIENS.

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