Saturday, July 31, 2010


A short entry.
I'm headed out soon for the Koi - foot longers - another pond being shut down. 2 of them. Fortunately, pond fish food is cheap. A huge can of it for $5 that lasts - well about 3 weeks now.

It rained again last night : ) I could do that every day and I wouldn't complain. It SHOULD do that everyday that the humidity is ridiculous out there. After getting the fish today, I intend on going out there and pulling grass and any weeds I might find. The expected high today is supposed to be in the low 90's.

I can't imagine what the humidity must be, but I'll take low 90's with humidity over 115 and no humidity ANY day of the week. My AC system loves it too. $13 used yesterday, compared to $20 on those days when it was 115.

I have been "barely" watering anything/everything for the last several weeks in hopes that the rains would come, drench the ground and I wouldn't have to spend hardly anything on watering plants this month. Mother Nature finally came through. So, not only does my electric usage go down, my water usage is already way down. If I get another high water bill then it can only mean one thing: there is a leak somewhere in my fresh water system - between the street and everyone on the property where the lines are running.

And I am thanking God that two of the 3 worst months of summer are done and gone. August - let's get through August!

Well, I'm going to leave early and get a coffee from somewhere - maybe McDonald's, it's the only thing at that restaurant that I can consume that doesn't have a kajillion fat calories in it : )



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