Thursday, July 29, 2010


If FINALLY rained over my house last night. I didn't hear it - I wear ear plugs and have a large fan near my head to help me sleep. The ground looked saturated. I put off water plants for another 2 days simply because I was hoping it would rain - the water is free, thank you very much. MORE rain would be welcomed.

Key portions of the Arizona Immigration Law were struck down, but, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is still all over one particular portion of it where it says it's illegal to pick up day laborers from the side of the street. Yes, portions of the law WERE let through, in fact, in reading one portion of it, I'm wondering if the judge actually created a loophole. I'll wait and see what the experts have to say about it before I comment further on it. The portions that were denied are, of course, going to the appeals court.

The judge claimed that the law places and undue burden on the federal government. In other words, the federal government's mandate to secure our borders is an undue burden, apparently, in dealing with the illegal aliens that are coming through those borders.

Huh? Health care bill can go to crap and that money can go to protect our borders. A trillion bucks would MORE than do that very nicely. Obama's money tree doesn't extend to dealing with this issue, that the feds ARE mandated with, instead dealing with all kinds of other issues, which the feds have NO business getting into, AT ALL.

No need to rehash all of that, I have doubts this judge's ruling is going to stand in an appeals court. Who knows, I just don't see how the federal government is overly burdened by dealing with a thing that is it SUPPOSED to be dealing with.

Yes, I did more digging out there yesterday. The high heat and 50% humidity combine to make some rather hellish conditions. Wherever this humidity came from, it can go back. You say you are at 99% humidity. Yes, but I doubt you are at 105 degrees or higher. I got a lot done on it is all I'm saying, there is plenty more to go, but the progress is encouraging.

The non-paying, paying tenant showed up yesterday. She is behind in rent, but not enough to make me evict her. She just started school and allegedly has been applying all over the place for a new job. I believe she had real opportunity at the place she was at. Mistakes are one thing, intentional acts are another. If 2 weeks comes and goes and she is behind that much, then she gets the eviction notice. I'm sorry, but - not that sorry. Just have to take care of myself. I have not seen my financial condition this low in a long time. Electricity - eating up everything. The lowered temps this week should help bring the usage down by $5 or more per day. Every little bit helps, is all I can say about that.

I am going to look into leasing a solar panel array. Allegedly - that's all I can say without first-hand knowledge - it will take care of your power needs and actually cause the meter to run backwards, giving you credit. Well, since it obviously doesn't work at night, I assume the credit goes to the hours in the day that it isn't working since the sun ain't out. I dunno, just going to look into it and see what the costs are. I'm sure there is an elongated contract, which means that I am going to have to find out beforehand whether it REALLY does everything they say or not. The only way to do that is to find people that are in the program and see how it is working out for them.

As for everything else? Michael is still around, allegedly has found a job starting today. I informed him that showing up to work late usually gets a person fired. He and his entire family have this idea that you can show up to appointments, school - whatever - whenever you want to. It might work for everything else, it won't work at your place of employment. I threw that little tidbit of advice out to him in case he was serious about KEEPING the job, not just getting one.

I have my doubts, honestly. He has no clue. If he sticks it out, it will be a great reality check for him. Caleb has already gotten a reality check - working out in the sun, pushing all those carts around, yes, nice life-wake-up-call.

Yesterday at work was very slow. One delivery and then nothing. Today, there is a pickup and then delivery. That should consume around 2 to 3 hours and then.......nothing in the system.

Oh well.

Have a great day!

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