Saturday, August 21, 2010


So, I'm sitting here this morning attempting to play Cafe World - which was down - so I started reading other stuff.  Like the president and family on - another - vacation. I mean, these people take more vacations than most people's heart's beat in a single day.

Okay, a bit of an overstatement, still - they are so out-of-touch with the reality of the rest of us, it's just another slap in the face. 

Well, the ex-Marine comes out and asks for a favor - take him to wherever his truck got a flat tire last night.  Most certainly did not feel like doing that -it's hot and humid out, my car's AC isn't working, but - of course - I "sluggishly" agreed to help him out.  Got all the way over there - there just happens to be a tire shop across the street.  We go over there - his mother, who is lives and is IN Germany - was going to pay for the tire with a credit card over the phone.

Well, they put a good used tire on it and then find out his method of payment.  Their setup will not allow such to be input by hand, apparently it's card swipe only.  $25 for the tire and mounting it.  Yup, I paid for the tire - put it on my credit card so I wouldn't lose the cash that I have now, which isn't much.  His mother is sending him a check and he is going to start getting ample funds from the stipend the Marines are giving him for living expenses while going to school starting next month. 

Get back from that and Caleb needed a ride to work.  That is going to get very old, very quick.  He is getting his license in 2 or 3 weeks (provided he passes the driving test, of course) and he can take MY car to work when he is here as I don't care - I don't go out that often in this heat.  We are discussing fixing up my old Buick for him to drive.  It needs about 4 or 5 hundred dumped into it to make it a good, reliable vehicle. 

MUCH time has passed.  An offer to give a goldfish to me from an ad I placed almost a month ago on Craigslist came into my email.  Now?  They want to bring the whole family over to see where the fish is going to end up.  Young kids, I'm taking it they are not taking the departure of their beloved fish very well.  The fish has a name: Antonio.  Lol.  I had fish when I was a kid and I never named any of them. I just watched them with fascination. 

Don't know if they are going to come or not, waiting for a confirmation one way or the other.

John Wayne Saturdays on Direct TV.  I have watched 3 of them today.  Told ya I was unmotivated.  My favorite today - and probably most Wayne movies - is Chisum.  GREAT movie. Rio Bravo on tap right now. 

Diet - going well actually.  I have my temptations but I mostly ignore them. Those that raise their ugly heads I battle with one way or the other, but so far haven't given into.  Yesterday, I had a huge desire to go to Diary Queen and get a German Chocolate Blizzard.  It was literally HOURS before I could get that little compulsion to subside.  I have no such desires today, but I'm guessing I will eventually give into something and I won't feel bad about since - the rest of the time I am  following right along with keeping with it. 

Look, I saw a news story the other day that said that 25% of Arizonans are OBESE.  How many more are overweight?  How many of my friends from the past are grossly overweight, even morbidly obese?  Get old and fat?  And die young?  What possible allure does that have for me?  NONE,thank you, NONE.  Summertime is the worst time here - people don't WANT to go outside,they want to stay indoors and keep cool.  Great - if you can contain your desire to eat and eat.  Nightmare if you cannot.  I drink FAR more water than I drink anything else.  All day long, especially at work, I am drinking glass after glass after glass of water.  You now it's hot when you've drank almost a half gallon of water and the only thing coming out of you in elimination is sweat.


Well, I am going outside for my daily, elongated visit to the pond with the fishies.  It's very therapeutic, even if it is 109 degrees out there right now. 


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