Thursday, August 12, 2010



So, the weekend's almost here. In case you hadn't noticed the last times I have gone driving the semi up into the mountains PLUS the prospect of driving down into a mine - well, I am alway psyched about that! Not only that, but I slept pretty good last night so I'm not tired this morning.

Onto other things. This decision of Gates to close the Joint Norfolk Command Center - is just the beginning. Are we going to make ourselves impotent so that we can have massive, government run health care and bail out banks and take over car dealerships because "they can't fail" and all the rest of the bunk that is going on?

I'm all for a big, strong military - a force that few will think to mess with in terms of thinking of ever attacking our country in all out assault and war. Making decisions such as this in the name of bigger government and government run society is ludicrous. I read this kind of nonsense in the news every day and just beg for November to get here and hope to high heaven that a huge change in senate personnel will take place = for the better of course.

Ummm, time is running out for this morning's writing. I got "tied up" on a Craigslist ad. I and a few others take it upon ourselves occasionally to lambast people making ridiculous ads, such as a woman that has 2 kids, has a full-time job for one of the "best fortune 500 companies in the valley" - her words, assuming she is receiving child support for her kids since she says she's single, yet receives $1,200 per month in rental subsidies every single month.

HOW, pray tell, does ANYONE get that kind of money while having a full-time job at a good company?

I dunno.

But, I do know that the work day approaches and I have a run up into the mountains to make : )



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