Tuesday, October 5, 2010


RAIN - but only at work.  It rained so hard, the street and parking lot in front of our building was flooded, and I do mean FLOODED, in less than 5 minutes.  It filled up water retention basins in record time.  Then it started hailing. THEN - the power went out.  So, it's time for me to go home anyway.  Street lights out at one intersection wtih cops directing traffic. 

Next intersection?  Flashing red lights for both directions.  Now, according to the law, how are flashing red lights supposed to be treated?  If you said the same as a stop sign, ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!!  How do you think the drivers of vehicles going the opposite direction were treating it?  As a full-blown green light.  I came up to the intersection and they weren't even slowing down, they were blowing the light and there was a LOT of traffic doing it.  Drivers going the direction I was going weren't doing ANYTHING - they would have had to wait a LONG time because the flow of traffic was endless.

What, do you suppose, I did?  Well, honey, I ain't sitting there all day long, these people breaking the law weren't going to stop me.  I started inching out into traffic which is when the cars finally - slammed  - on their brakes.  Yup, they were honking at me.  Notwithstanding the fact that THEY were the ones breaking the law, I got the finger and several blaring horns.  THIS is why there are such horrific car accidents every single day, all over the nation.  People simply do not have a CLUE about how to drive. 

I have known that for a long, long time and statistics agree with me.  A study came out a while back that showed that a majorty of drivers don't know basic, simple traffic laws that you (I hope) and I learned as teenagers.  The cars stopped and I drove right in front of them.  They totally thought I was in the wrong.  Absolute craziness.  THIS is why I advocate MUCH harder written tests to get a driver's license.  The questions are too easy and even then, they give far too much leniency to be able to pass the test - 70% or greater. It should be at least 90% or greater and all drivers should have to retake the test every time they have to renew their license.

My "bravery" got everyone else moving as well.  I didn't look back to see if ANYONE was going to start treating that intersection as if it had a stop sign, I figured they would NOT.

I took the old Buick in today to have it diagnosed.  I mean, I called the shop yesterday and they told me to bring it in this morning.  Well, they hadn't even gotten to it by 1:45 pm.  That shop is 3 buildings down from our building and when I got there, their power was out, too.  So, I just took it and said I would bring it back tomorrow.  I did not appreciate them telling me, however, that they would get it done in the morning - this morning - and then not even get started on it.  I did not say anything, though, I just let it go.  No big deal to bring it back tomorrow and try again. 

Nothing much new going on here excepting the weather: AWESOME!! It was cool this morning and it stay fairly nice throughout the day.  When the rain hit, the temps dropped 10 degrees anyway.  Totally cool!

I'm outta here.  I have several things I need to get done outside and some other stuff to do on the net.




Fin said...

How were you able to see the color of the light at the other street? Perhaps they had a flashing yellow, as is often done here.

BenB said...

???? I looked up at the opposing traffic light. Pretty easily viewable when you are at the front. It was FLASHING RED. Come on, Fin, I am a professional driver, not some "steering wheel handler".

Fin said...

I can't see ninety degrees from my line of sight. If I am facing exactly north at a light, I can NOT see the east or west lights. They are covered by blinkers for a start.

Dorrie said...

in Germany you have your license for life...no renewal after 5 years, no eye test, no written test. So, we have some OLD drives out there who shouldn't be, only because they CAN.

I was behind a bus tonight, it stopped at a bus stop and flashed it's emergency lights... I was unsure whether I could pass it or not. What's the rule?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can see the light if I am at the lines. Some lights have deep well, tubular shields others not so deep. These, not so deep, easy to see whether it was red or green. I am not going to start pulling out without knowing in advance if, per chance, they have a flashing yellow light. Normally, when something like that happens, they all switch to flashing red anyway.
Dozens and dozens of vehicles were flying through there treating it as if it were a green light. It was really pure insanity to be driving that fast through an intersection with a flashing red light. Again, people simply don't know the laws of the road or - more likely - they don't care.

Dorrie, they don't make us retake the written test. You have to renew it - just to pay them more money. That's it. There is no good reason that I have heard coming from them excepting one lady that said it has to do with making sure you are who you say you are - ie: someone else has your license in your name in an identity theft. I just think's another money generating "tool". However, they DO make the older generation come in every 2 years, I believe it is, to check their vision.

Just like having to take vehicles into emissions testing - in a big city it's probably necessary, but the cost is up to $27.00 now, when it used to be like $18.
I don't know the traffic laws in Germany. Here, the only bus you have to stop for is a school bus if it has it's red lights flashing. City buses around here always have their flashers on when stopped, but, you don't have to stop for them (thankfully). I think it was you that said that new drivers in Germany have to take a course that costs thousands of dollars worth?

Dorrie said...

yes, you have to go through driver training courses before taking your driver test. The cost depends on how many hours you need, but there is a minimum.. not sure how many but it is usually about $2000-3000.

Maybe rules have changed, but I thought that in Calif. you had to renew every 5 years with eye and written test, no matter how old you are... I'll ask my brother about that.

Anonymous said...

I don't like driving anymore, especially in rainy weather.

I have an absolutely horrible headache. But I'll get to that in  a moment. After discussing today with "people in the know", ...