Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday 11/16/2010


So, the foreclosure fiasco with banks speeding through documentation and not following their own procedures closely when foreclosing on a home - could cause even further, massive financial chaos or - it could cause nothing.

What else is new. Supposedly, somewhere around mid-next-year, more ARM's are going to "adjust" and that will send yet another wave of foreclosures and financial shock through the system. I have only heard about that one, though, I haven't read it anywhere - yet.

The real news, for me anyway, is this situation going on with TSA, the full body scanners at airports and the fact that more and more people are rejecting the idea of walking through what amounts to be an x-ray machine, exposing themselves to radiation for the sake of security.

I was watching a lot of video and reading a lot of material about this situation yesterday. There was one incident where a man in San Diego refused to go through the machine, otherwise known as "opt-out". When they took him to "grope" him, he said something like: "If you touch my junk I'm going to have you arrested".

It is UNBELIEVABLE that the TSA thinks it has the right to literally touch your genitals. I wouldn't want to subject myself to EITHER. Apparently, this stuff is all random, it doesn't happen to every passenger, many just go through without anything being done to them.

How would you like to take your teenaged son or daughter through one of those and stand there, watching some freak groping him or her all over? Or a little boy or girl?

I think this issue is eventually going to come to a head. It's obvious that more people are very much against either of these methods than are for it. The National Opt-Out day will stand to be interesting if enough people participate in it. I love to fly, but I am glad I am not flying anywhere, anytime soon, because I would probably be led out of that place in handcuffs. There is NO WAY I am going to let some pervert/freak grope my penis, balls and butt in the name of "security". Okay, they may not be perverts, "just doing their job", it's a job I would not want, at all.

In the case of the man in San Diego, you can actually hear one of the TSA agents state: "You give up a lot of rights when you buy an airplane ticket". Oh REALLY? I don't remember reading that in the constitution, can anyone identify exactly where that is found?

Changing the subject, I got a reply back from the ops manager yesterday. He stated in email that he thinks that foreman was just having an off day and that he, the ops manager, is going to give me some hats to give to him. I am hoping to talk him into some shirts, as well. That ALWAYS makes foremen happy - they love that stuff for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

My ponds? It hasn't been a very cold winter yet, so everything is okay, for now. The lowest low has been in the upper 40's. The Phoenix area, however, can get down into the high 20's if Momma Nature feels like blasting us with it. Then, I will probably have to put a couple more heaters in the ponds and I will have to cover most of my plants as well. The fish are looking healthy. This is new territory for me: fish and winter.

The expert's consensus is if you have a deep enough pond, you don't have to worry about it. Minimum 3 feet deep. My ponds aren't anything near that depth, hence, the heaters.

Ummm, rent. Paid yesterday by the new guy. He thought he had paid up entirely, I said no, he still owes me $15, he said let me check. He checked and said he owes me another $10 and handed it to me. I bit my lip, no point in arguing over $5. It was one week that he skipped and has been paying up on ever since. I said good, we're good, and let it go.

The other tenant that was behind now is only $10 behind. Plus, she just found a new job at a major restaurant chain. The problem? That place is like 20 miles away from my house. I dunno what her future at my house is - she moved in because the job before that was only 2 miles away.

I don't ask tenants, usually, if they are thinking about moving out, I just wait until the news comes. For now, it's good to have 3, full-paying tenants. Especially considering all the car trouble I have had. Christmas is coming, Thanksgiving as well. Though, I have already bought the expensive stuff for Thanksgiving, I'm pretty much good to go there. I don't really have that much to buy for Christmas anyway. My son? I'm pretty much letting him know that the money I spent on that car covers Christmas, his next birthday and probably a few more beyond that! No, not really, I'll get him something, it just isn't going to be anything grand. The old car is running quite well, so far.

3-1/2 days until the beginning of my 8 days of no work : )

I'm trying to decide if there's something I might actually DO during that time besides staying home and doing projects. It feels like it's time to get out and meet new people. I have been looking at several clubs - singles come together to do some activity. Whether you hit it up with someone or not - well - that's up to you, I guess.

With that, I bid you a good day.


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