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Semi V Car

I was driving to a delivery this morning in Apache Junction. I have been to this site before, a long time ago actually - it's a water pumping station with giant tanks and also additives are put into the water. Anyway, it's a narrow street - but there is a rather large housing complex that this street is a feeder for. In fact, there are only 2 streets in and out of this housing complex, making the street I was turning onto a rather busy one at that.

Well, I'm approaching this side street and hoping no-one comes up to the light from that street so I don't have to bother with the people that refuse to move out of the way. I mean, on a street that narrow, making a right-hand turn, I have no choice but to "take out" the lanes from on-coming traffic. This isn't illegal, either, in fact, you are trained to do this when the situation calls for it.

A late-model Mustang pulls up to the white line to wait for the light to turn green. I've had more than…


In local news - my version of it - Juice and Darnell are going to spend quality time in the local Juvenile Detention hall. Word about such things travels quickly in these "parts". These are the younger brothers of JD - the oldest kid who spends a lot of time at my house playing video games and such with my son. Apparently Darnell has already been on house arrest for some time. These are the 2 boys that tried to steal games from a Fry's Electronics.

The deal with further trouble is that they apparently have been smoking pot, their probation officer puts them through the urine drug testing once a month - and of course it's been "hot" every time for both of them. Their court date before a judge is tomorrow. I expect these boys may find that their free stay at Juvi is not a party and perhaps a short period of time spent in there will give them a change of view about smoking dope while on probation and totally dissing their probation officer in doing such. …