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BenB's Made-Up Word Of The Day: Dissment/s

Thank you, thank you, oh yes, thank you very much, you can stop the applause now. Yes, indeedy folks, I have made up yet another word. Okay, I didn't really make anything up, it just popped into my head, I was trying to say "dissing statements" and dissment came out of a brain cell somewhere up there. Amazing I have any of those left. I was writing a reply to a lady on Craigslist who was bashing other posters who were writing about tenants who make demands and do "stuff" to their homes.

Well that's a long story not even going to go into. That situation on Craigslist IS entertaining, however. As I have stated numerous times before, I am easily entertained. Try not to equate that with stupidity, okay? I like being in my own world on my own cyber-planet.

Regardless, it's hump-day. I had something planned for after-work today but it has totally eluded me. OH, yes, now it has resurfaced: another battery for the old Buick. I need to be able to move t…