Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BenB's Made-Up Word Of The Day: Dissment/s

Thank you, thank you, oh yes, thank you very much, you can stop the applause now. Yes, indeedy folks, I have made up yet another word. Okay, I didn't really make anything up, it just popped into my head, I was trying to say "dissing statements" and dissment came out of a brain cell somewhere up there. Amazing I have any of those left. I was writing a reply to a lady on Craigslist who was bashing other posters who were writing about tenants who make demands and do "stuff" to their homes.

Well that's a long story not even going to go into. That situation on Craigslist IS entertaining, however. As I have stated numerous times before, I am easily entertained. Try not to equate that with stupidity, okay? I like being in my own world on my own cyber-planet.

Regardless, it's hump-day. I had something planned for after-work today but it has totally eluded me. OH, yes, now it has resurfaced: another battery for the old Buick. I need to be able to move that car this weekend. I cannot stand the appearance of the east side of my property, and for all the hard work I have put into that area, it still looks like crap cause' the ground is just plain ole' dirt with some strands of grass growing. Now, all the plants I have planted over there look wonderful - which is what is eating at me.

So, 8 more tons of Palomino Gold are being delivered early Saturday morning. I didn't really want it that early, but that was their schedule. Apparently, not that many people want to rise at 6:00 am to greet a truckload of material. Heck, it will still be dark out there! Oh and this project? Going to be a pain in the @$$. There is no way to get a truck to that side of the house. I have to have it dumped on the west side and will have to wheelbarrow it to the east side. Yes, folks, I should be losing a few pounds of weight on whatever days I decide to go forth with that project.

However, a couple of tons will be distributed on the back and west side - where I already have that kind of rock. I didn't put enough down the first time - money restraints - just enough to get it covered and looking good. I don't doubt that this 8 tons won't be enough, either, but it WILL be enough to sufficiently cover the ground over there and make it look nice. Very nice.

This is my idea of pleasure? No, but I can hardly think about going on a vacation or some other waste of money right now - or anytime in the near future that I can see.

Well, enough for this entry, my moments before work starts are rapidly disappearing and I haven't checked the news yet.



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