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My New Account

Chase Bank sends out a coupon regularly in the mass mail for $100 for opening a checking account with them.

I had a Chase account long ago before they closed their doors here, packed their bags and totally left Arizona. I liked that bank then, I have heard they are a big bank mentality now. Well who cares, they are all like that anymore. I currently have a Compass Bank account - I also like Compass but the nearest branch is 6 miles away - in a direction I mostly never go.

There is one on the way home from work, however. I have thought about having an account somewhere where there is a branch close to my house - the nearest Chase is 2 miles away. I'm not a fan of having to drive long distances to do much of any kind of business unless it's something like a Craigslist deal where the gas spent is nothing compared to the deal I'm getting in money saved.

Well, really, the allure is a hundred bucks free. Yes, you have to deposit $100 plus the opening deposit, yes you ha…


I have a few minutes before the work clock starts.

Yesterday, on 2 occasions, I thought I was witnessing the end of life for 2 people on 2 different occasions.

1. About a 16 year old boy gets off a city bus and starts running across this major and very busy street - without looking to see if there was any traffic. I'm serious, how that kid wasn't run clean over by that car, I'll never know, but that boy just barely escaped with his life.

2. Car comes up to the street I'm driving the semi. I have no clue why people see a truck and automatically think they MUST cut it off, pull out in front of it, do whatever - apparently we're just a nuisance. This driver flies up to this stop-sign, sees me coming and starts pulling out - without looking the other direction, where a car is coming at around 50 MPH. So, this woman is driving her car out into traffic without looking. Her head snaps the other way and again, I'm telling you - just BARELY gets it stopped in time.…