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Cafe World Tips - Part 2

Edited: I found a link to Zynga for a fixit-ticket. Basically you fill out a form or something on Zynga about whatever's happening in your cafe that is not working, which is usually connectivity issues.
If you don't have an account with Zynga you will have to create one, no big deal. It's the only real thing I know of you can do to complain about issues that are affecting the way the game is playing.

Anyway my first post about Cafe World with tips has generated quite a lot of interest. If you are here from a Google search or Twitter reference, please do a search for Cafe World on my site and you will find the other posting about it.

Today someone posted on Facebook their answer to losing a lot of servings due to a connection error - immediately refresh and usually that brings back your lost servings. Well, Cafe World definitely has some serious issues, but a lot of people are complaining to them about it and…