Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cafe World Tips - Part 2

Edited: I found a link to Zynga for a fixit-ticket. Basically you fill out a form or something on Zynga about whatever's happening in your cafe that is not working, which is usually connectivity issues.
If you don't have an account with Zynga you will have to create one, no big deal. It's the only real thing I know of you can do to complain about issues that are affecting the way the game is playing.

Anyway my first post about Cafe World with tips has generated quite a lot of interest. If you are here from a Google search or Twitter reference, please do a search for Cafe World on my site and you will find the other posting about it.

Today someone posted on Facebook their answer to losing a lot of servings due to a connection error - immediately refresh and usually that brings back your lost servings. Well, Cafe World definitely has some serious issues, but a lot of people are complaining to them about it and I do hope they are making it top priority.

I'm currently at level 62. I have about 175,000 servings of food on my counters. I leave one counter open so that all the free 100 servings that are available from your neighbors can be used. That's my biggest tip right there. GET NEIGHBORS. You don't need to purchase an e-book to figure this game out, you just have to play it and stumble across stuff until you have your own system down.

You can easily get neighbors by visiting Cafe World's Facebook wall. Everytime Cafe World posts something on there, people leave comments - thousands of them - to add them as neighbors. Adding neighbors is tedious work but it's worth it. I have 104 of them right now, my goal is eventually to get to 1,000.

The point of getting neighbors is what I already touched on. When you are cooking something on your stove, you usually get a pop-up that says something like congrats, you have just done a dish of the day, do you want to share with your neighbors? ALWAYS click accept. It posts on your Facebook wall and all of your neighbors can get 100 servings of it. I currently have around 15,000 servings of food in my gift box simply from acquiring those 100 serving portions. They seem to be able to stay in there indefinitely. I have on counter that I use for those dishes, the rest of my counters are all full of stuff I have been cooking for - a couple of months now, I think.

I'm totally out for Cafe points. I like the competition with my neighbors to stay ahead of them, lol. Plus, of course, you level up on counters and ovens. I have gotten all the counters and ovens that you can currently get, the only thing I have left to acquire is the lobster dish which I think is at level 63 or 64, can't remember. The levels take more and more points to get to as you move on up. The next level for me? I have to get 30,000 Cafe Points to get there. A bit ridiculous when you figure that the only reward you get for doing all that cooking is 5,000 gold coins and nothing else. A lot of people are complaining about that, too, hopefully they'll give more incentive to keep cooking.

Now, the next biggest complaint I see is your buzz rating. People complain that it is always low. Well, if it is, there is something wrong with the layout of your cafe. That's plain and simply all there really is to it. I have an almost constant 105 rating, the highest you can get. If yours is low and you would like some help, you can send me a pic of your cafe or ask to become neighbors and maybe I can take a look and see what's the deal with it. But, I would suggest you rearrange stuff in your cafe and get your serving counters as close to the tables as possible. Buzz rating goes down because customers are waiting for a seat to get food. You'll see them stand there, tap impatiently and then leave. You also see your rating go down when they leave, pissed off because they had to wait too long.

Lol, well that's what they are intoning, you don't like to wait forever to get seated at a restaurant either, do you? I didn't think so. One tip that helped me when I was having trouble was to get rid of extra entrance doors. I had 3. When I got rid of 2 of them, my buzz rating went up to 105 in less than a half an hour. The point is that it takes longer for your customers to get to the tables - you don't get buzz scrapped for that, they just don't want to wait too long for a table. You can try adding more tables as well.

The game is addictive, that's all I can say about it. I have stuff cooking all the time. I love the way they have different amounts of time set up for different dishes. There are lots of improvements they could make and they have compiled a list of the most popular things people are asking for, but really, the biggest thing is to get the game running smoothly. It's a beta application and I have found that stuff always has some kinds of problems attached to them.

If you have any questions or want to become neighbors, simply leave a comment below and I can try to help you, especially people just starting to play the game and trying to figure it out.

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