Sunday, January 10, 2010


It was very nice, yesterday, to get all those boys out there working, without complaining, working hard for at least 4 hours. Maybe it was longer than that, I didn't check the clock, I only know that around 5:00pm or so, they were visibly worn out and I ended it there. There is still several thousand pounds of rocks to haul all over the place, but it will get done and I will be happy.

Fact, I'm already happy, the east side of the house is starting to finally look something like I envisioned it to. I did want to erect some sort of overhand or awning over there for shade purposes in the summer and move my BBQ grill over there. Not yet is all I can say, not yet. There are still plenty of other things to be done over there and it's all about hours spent at this point, not money.

Changing the subject, the ex-Marine lost his job. He apparently had a scuffle with the Ops Manager of the company he was working for and now he's unemployed. One thing I can say is that he is paid up for the month of January and also he gets a check from the military every month for his disability - whether I see any of that next month or not remains to be seen. It's obvious he's hurting financially because he isn't going out much at all - quite abnormal for him but it costs money to go to bars and karaoke and all that stuff. I'm not sweating it - yet. It's only the 10th, he has time to find a new job - yet - but as we all know, jobs aren't exactly available in excessive amounts right now.

Meanwhile, I am still receiving $100 per week from one tenant and the other switched from weekly payments to bi-monthly. I give regular room rates for paying bi-monthly, he was paying a full $65 more for the "priviledge" of paying weekly. No big deal.

Today - going to continue work on getting the rock hauled all over the place. I'm attempting to decide what to make for Sunday dinner - I usually do something a little more extravagant than other days worth of eating, but I have no ideas popping into my head yet. I was thinking a roast, but it's alreayd almost 10:00 am - getting a little late for that. The usual suspects are just not clicking - I want something different today. Maybe go to the store and look around and get some ideas just standing there - looking.

In fact, great idea, I think I'll head up there right now before all this work business gets started and I won't have time!

C'yall later

After 25-1/2 hours, they finally came out to get me to bring the trailer into their facility, drop it at the rack and come back out to wait ...