Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday, I took no small amount of pleasure in watching fully 5 teenaged boys attempting to push my old Buick back up the driveway into it's parking space. The battery is dead and I will have to get a new one for it, it simply won't hold a charge.
The humor was because of their words: "This car doesn't look that heavy" after I told them it was going to be hard to get it up the driveway. After 5 attempts to just get the thing up over the curb, my neighbors came running over and yes, we got the car up the driveway. BTW, how does a car "look" or "not look" heavy?

There are people in our neighborhood that would have reported it to police, who would have come out and put a red sticker on it and eventually, have it towed off for not having current registration. In fact, one individual makes it a habit to turn in every neighbor on the street for alleged blight violations. I had no idea I wasn't the only one that had received such notice in the mail from the city. There were no violations on my property, nothing ever happened. I tend to like to keep my property maintained, no looking like s***.

The weekend flew away like a jumbo jet taking off at the airport. All that rock stuff was definitely worth the effort, but - it's like there never WAS a weekend.

The man that started the stuff the other day when I pulled up in the truck apparently had a sudden change of view as well. Perhaps because I threatened to call the police if he ever threatened me again. It's much easier, in dealing with an ex-con, to simply say you're going to call the law than to try and butt heads. He was at my next-door neighbor's house, talking away with me as if nothing had ever happened. I went along with it - easier to be friendly than not - to see where it would lead.

Well, I ended up leaving anyway and that was the end of that. This is the dude that was taking pictures last week of me and the truck. Whatever.

The rock project is almost done, but - I can't go on any further with this, it's time to go to work!

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