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Yesterday, I took no small amount of pleasure in watching fully 5 teenaged boys attempting to push my old Buick back up the driveway into it's parking space. The battery is dead and I will have to get a new one for it, it simply won't hold a charge.
The humor was because of their words: "This car doesn't look that heavy" after I told them it was going to be hard to get it up the driveway. After 5 attempts to just get the thing up over the curb, my neighbors came running over and yes, we got the car up the driveway. BTW, how does a car "look" or "not look" heavy?

There are people in our neighborhood that would have reported it to police, who would have come out and put a red sticker on it and eventually, have it towed off for not having current registration. In fact, one individual makes it a habit to turn in every neighbor on the street for alleged blight violations. I had no idea I wasn't the only one that had received such notice in …