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Cafe World Tips and Answers Part 3

cafe world..why have my buzz rating going down since I added another oven

Probably your oven has nothing to do with it. But if it does, it's simply - probably anyway - that you have more customers coming in than you have seats to sit them down at. They stand there, tap impatiently, then leave, bam, your buzz rating goes down. So, watch your game for a while. If there are any customers standing there without a seat, try adding more tables. Sometimes they sit down and have to wait too long to get served. Make sure your serving counters are close enough to the tables and definitely, make sure your waiters/waitresses aren't blocked from getting to your tables. Of course, you could do "auto-serve", where the waitresses magically fling the plates from the counter to the tables without moving.
This is accomplished by blocking your counters in. However, I do not have a buzz rating problem and I do not use fling magic.

why don't my servers in cafe…


Day 2
I usually don't eat anything in the mornings anyway, so who knows how I'll fare today on the "reduced caloric intake" plan. Otherwise known as a diet. It isn't really that hard, it's mostly just watching the portions sizes of what I may happen to be eating and also eliminating eating anytime near bedtime. Meaning - for me - about 3 hours minimum. I put the number at 6:00pm and if I go over a little, not the end of the world. I stepped up my output yesterday after getting home from work. I also pushed a broom for about an hour yesterday at work, that's got to count for something as well.

Well that's cause' it was kinda slow at work yesterday. Today looks to be an all-day marathon. 1 pickup at a jobsite; 2 deliveries; and a trip downtown. That should pretty much consume the entire day. Take that back, I just looked into the truck routing system, now there are 4 deliveries instead of 2 plus more pickups. Yes, the day should be cashed…