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The Bug Has Finally Hit/The Casino

I have not been to a casino in quite a while.

I don't go unless I get that feeling. I have to say that, after all of this time, it has finally come back to me. I haven't even thought about going to that place. I am not into losing money, I am not addicted to gambling and I will NOT go unless all parameters are in place.

I have written about this several times, but for me, it's worth going into for fact (for me anyway) of difference between those that want to go to have a good time; those that go frequently because they are addicted; those that go because they are broke (or almost broke, anyway) and are trying to make "mortgage money"; and me - the person that is totally superstitious about the matter and won't go unless all points of the superstitious matter are, in fact, met.

I will NEVER go to a casino out of desperation. It is a losing proposition - the casino will get your money just BECAUSE you are desperate. You play whatever game in a different min…


Hump day already.
A very large order going out today. In fact, I have serious doubts that all of that pipe plus all of those fittings are going to fit onto one truckload. It's 50k worth of material, very good for our branch. Hopefully take up most of the day in getting all of this done - though, in reality, there is plenty of clean-up still left to do around the branch.

BTW, all the Cafe World posts I have been doing is more of a interest thing for me than anything - how many people will come to this blog from all over the world looking for tips and secrets for that game? Feedjit is very helpful in telling me where people are coming from and how they got here - almost always a google search or even twitter page results. Feedjit also tells me what the question or words were in the search. I have really started turning this blog into a composite of critiques of companies - good and bad, my Cafe World endeavors and still, of course, my daily life, since I figure that's what…