Thursday, January 14, 2010


Some pretty horrific images emerging from that 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. Lots and lots of dead bodies laying all over the place. I can't imagine the horror for those that survived and have no food, housing, nothing. Pray for these people - hopefully help gets there quickly.

Nothing much on the homefront. Michael isn't going to school that I know of and JD's younger brothers - 2 of them anyway - are still in Juvenile Detention. JD says they are getting out - on my birthday, lol. My birthday's the 5th. Birthdays are nice, a good day to celebrate one's own life, but when you start racking them up - you don't really look forward to too terribly many of them. Tenants are mostly behaving, the ex-Marine has landed a new job - but is stone broke. I am going to help him out by giving him whatever food I happen to be making. Yes, his rent is paid up until the 1st.

I'll enjoy the lull - a break in anything significant going on in my life - while it lasts. Still dieting, in fact, I only ate a sandwich and less than a handful of potato chips yesterday. Yes, I know, potato chips are laden with fat calories, but when you have only eaten maybe 400 calories total for the entire day, I doubt that matters too much. The funny thing is that I'm not hungry this morning. You'd think after going that long without eating much of anything a person would be ravenously hungry, instead, I have nothing but a little gurgling going on in my stomach - I guess it's reminding me that it's still there and would like a little business to deal with. Customers will be going into it a little later, lol. I figure to get a 6 inch Subway sub sometime this morning - probably chicken - with wheat bread, all the veggies but no dressings on it.

That should keep the caloric and fat calories down on it and give me enough to feel like I've eaten something. I won't eat again until I get home, and then I'll probably make some more chicken - or - if I don't feel like cooking, I will have another ham sandwich and that will be it for the day. I'm not trying to starve myself, but I am trying to get a kick-start on this thing going and drop some pounds quickly. Considering I've been working my @$$ off since I started thing 3 days ago - burning lots of calories - I have to imagine I've already dropped a couple as it is. I will be at the main branch later this morning and will weigh myself on the industrial scale.

As for now, work is about to start and there's plenty to do today - which is nice, keeps my mind off of food - so, c'yall later and have a great day!

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