Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 5

I'm not sure I'm going to keep posting day this, that and the other - just doing it at the beginning of this to try and get a handle on this dieting situation and keep the momentum flowing.
Yesterday's total food intake consisted of the following:
2 slices 9 grain bread
3 thin slices of ham
1 small chunk of sharp cheddar cheese
2 glasses 1% milk

Fry's ran out of skim milk, which is what I usually drink, so I opted for the 1% - milk is on sale and I'm always good with sales.

There is less than 1,000 calories on the above-mentioned list. It's funny when you start actually keeping track of your caloric intake as to how much you are really eating. You think you aren't consuming that much, but when you break it all down, item by item, you begin to realize you are eating far more than you should. In the 5 days I have been on this diet, I normally would have consumed a total of around 15,000 calories by now. If I've even topped 5,000 I would be surprised.

This is really nothing different than budgeting. You get a notepad and start writing down every single thing you buy for a month, sit down after that month is over and make sure you're holding onto something, because you're probably going to be shocked at the amount of waste and excess you will find within the pages of that notebook - same thing with eating, I do believe. Once you realize on your budget where you are throwing your money away - well then you have to decide whether you can live without whatever that thing is or those things or activities are. I've done this budgeting thing a hundred times, I don't recall doing anything like this for dieting.

In fact, this dieting has motivated me to go ahead and get another notepad and start a 30-day write-up of my financial expenditures - all of them whether in person or online - and see if there is anything I can do to cut back. Unfortunately, when you own a home, there are going to be things on that notepad that you spent money on that you probably wish you wouldn't have to, but have no choice in the matter. There will also be things on there that you bought for your house - inside or out - that prolly - you could have lived without.

THAT is what I need to pinpoint. How much am I spending on household items that maybe I could live without. I really see a great connection between spending and eating now that I am writing it all out. Yesterday, I was going to stop at a Subway and get a 6 inch wheat something or the other - I never had time to do it. This morning I am hopeful to change that, I am a bit hungry this morning and a nice sandwich - no cheese or dressings - would be good to help stifle that little nagging that is telling me to eat something.

Well, I would go on with this but I just realized it's almost 6:00am and I need to get offa here and started on the day's work.


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